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I’m not a professional reviewer. I write unbiased reviews based on personal dining experiences in different restaurants. My dining experience might be different from others. My reviews do not cover the overall review of a restaurent but for particular food items. So my reviews should not be takes as final review of a restaurant or any food items. Reviews rates Taste, Price range, restaurant environment from 0 to 10 where 0 indicates lowest point and 10 indicates the highest point.


I went to Shimanto Square (previously known as Rifles Square) couple of days earliyer.

Chicken Popcorn
Chicken Popcorn

I was accompanied by my friend and his wife. We went there to collect some informaiton. When we were done, it was almost 9:30 PM. We were hungry. So we were looking for a suitable place to eat. At Shimanto squre, several small fast food outlets are available. But most of the outlets were full house. Some of the outlets were closing as the closing time was approaching.

We decided to have japanese food at our dinner. We knew that there were a japanese food outlet in Shimanto square. But the outlet were closed. Suddenly we noticed that there were a mexican food outlet just becide the closed japanese food outlet. It’s name was Good Food.

Food items:

There were no customer in front of the outlet and the outlet was closing. So we rushed to order a bowl of Pasta, 2 pieces of Tacos and a small serving of Nachos. We also ordered for a plate of Chicken Popcorn to eat by the time our foods were served.


Chicken popcorn were served first. We were so much hungry that we didn’t waste a moment waiting. The popcorns were crispy and tasted like chicken nugget. But it could use a bit of salt. But the popcorn seemed tasty when we took them with sauce.


By the time we finished eating chicken popcorn, our Nachos, Tacos and Pasta arrived. We shared the foods among us. Pasta were full of crust. It almost felt like pizza. Tacos were also delicious. But nachos were the best. It’s really hard to express the tastes in words but all the foods were delicious.

If I rank all four items, I think Nachos will be first, Pasta is second, Chicken popcorn is third and Tacos will be the fourth. But that doesn’t mean tacos were bad. Other were just more delicious. All of the items were hard to finish for three of us.

My rating for the items will be
Nachos : 8 out of 10. 
Pasta : 7.5 out of 10. 
Chicken popcorn : 7 out of 10. 
Tacos : 6.5 out of 10. 

Price range:

I tried Tacos and Nachos earlier at Gulshan area but here the prices are comparatively lower. Price of nachos were BDT 170. I can’t remember the individual price of rest of the items. But together, total bill were BDT 690 including all VATs and service charges. But they took 650 from us after allowing discount of BDT 40.
Rating value for money : 7 out of 10. 


It was an open space in the ground floor of Shimanto Square. There are tables and chairs in front of all outlets. All kinds of people visit those outlets. Place is always crowded and bit noisy. But security guards of the market does not come to this part very often. So sometime situation might get messy if the customers are rude or disturb others.
Rating : 6 out of 10. 

Overall experience:

Good food is really good place to taste the Mexican foods at a cheap price. If you are planning to have some Mexican foods, you should give it a try in Good Food. You can also try burgers and other fast foods from the same outlets. In case you want Japanese or other types of foods, you can go to other outlets located in the Shimanto Square.

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