Flashback 2017 : A year of stress

Another year have passed away. Another new year have started. We have to welcome the new year whether we want or not. Therefore, it’s better to welcome the new year and hope for the bright future. I will take this opportunity to wish all my family members, friends, relatives, colleagues, professional friends and well wishers a very happy and successful year. Let us warmly welcome the new year 2018!

As usual I flashback to the passed year and review on how I spent my year. This year will not be an exception. In this post, I’m review my activities in 2017.

Let me begin with the resolution I made for the year 2017. Some people says resolutions and meaningless. But, to me, resolutions are my short term goals that will effectively help me to achieve my vision. So I try to make and follow the resolutions. At the beginning of 2017, I made 10 resolutions (See here).

Continue career development:

At the beginning of the year, I had intention to progress my career either with current employer or with new one. I thought it would not be possible to without switching to new job. However, I progressed in my career without switching employer. In 2017, I have been promoted to Senior Manager, locally in AQC and globally in EY. Furthermore, I got significant pay raise.

Complete all degree requirement of ICMAB and ICAEW:

I was expecting that I will be able to complete the degree requirement form ICMAB and ICAEW. But that apparently that did not went well. I attempted ICMAB exams in June 2017 and December 2017. I couldn’t manage to pass the June session and December session result is year pending. I couldn’t progress in ICMAB this year most due to lack of free time and preparation. As for ICAEW, I appeared for the exams for the first time in June 2017. I appeared in two exams and passed both of them. I was only one case study exam away from completing ICAEW. I appeared in Case Study exams in November 2017 session but it was an horrible experience as I got only 2 days of time to get prepared. Anyway, hoping to complete in the next year.

Re-develop the reading habit. Complete reading all the books bought in 2016. Read at least 20 books in 2017:

Couldn’t re-develop the reading habit. Mostly due to lack of personal and free time. However, I have bought around 10 books this year. I read couple of those books but couldn’t finish any.

Make some investment and make additional source of earnings:

I tried to make some additional investment in this year. So I took another life insurance policy. As for additional source of earnings, I’m still working on it.

Travel at least 3 districts and 3 countries:

I love to travel. I had plan to visit 3 district of Bangladesh and 3 foreign countries. During this year I visited Sylhet, Chittagong, Comilla, Narayanganj districts of Bangladesh. That makes 4 districts of Bangladesh. I visited India and Denmark for training in 2017. Denmark tour was my first visit in Europe and I enjoyed in very much. As for India, I took part in some facilitator development program and visited several districts and states of India. I went to Noida, Hariana, Delhi and Mumbai.

Learn driving:

This part I’m proud of. I finally learned to drive. I was planning to learn driving for several years and finally I can drive my own car. Although I’m to get the official driving license, I have the learner’s license.

Do something big! :

When I wrote something big, I meant in terms of entrepreneurship. I didn’t expect to be my wedding which is quite significant event of my life. That’s right! I got married to love of my life at the end of December 2017. Please pray for our happy married life.

Decrease body weight to 70 kg:

This is still an checklist item and a dream. Still working on it.

Maintain relationships with friends, family members, relatives, colleagues and other nearest and dearest one while increasing professional and personal network.

I believe I was able to maintain relationship or keep contact with most of my friends, family members, relatives, colleagues and other nearest and dearest people. I was able to reunite with my cousins at the beginning and end of the year.

Try to be a practicing Muslim and Read the Holy Quran at least:

This is still an checklist item and a dream. Still working on it.

So these are my review of the achievement of the resolutions. However, I had some activities for which I didn’t have any resolution.

During the year, I have been provided with my personal car from my office. I know it doesn’t matter to many people. But for a young professional like me, it was a big deal. During the year I lead an audit engagement which is quite big to my firm and could be one of the top ten largest engagement our firm ever had. I spend around 4 months in the engagement and about one and half month in the field at Chittagong. I also acted as facilitators on several firm level training session where I was facilitated in front of firm partner, directors, Senior managers and managers, Senior associates and associates.

Overall Comment:

Generally off years favors me very much. Alhamdulillah 2017 has been a blessing for me. I had many success during this year. I got promoted, got pay rise, visited new counties, went on trips, passed professional exams, got married, learned new things, and made some savings. Overall, Alhamdulillah, 2017 is was an exciting and successful year for me.

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