I am #AuditorProud

Today is 5th International Auditor Proud Day which is celebrated on September 26 every year. Millions of auditors are working very hard across the world with high ethical standards to make the world better. On this occasion of Auditor Proud Day, I am expressing my appreciations to all the members of audit profession. Read more

Research on measuring awareness of management responsibilities over financial reporting in Bangladesh

I performed a research on the topic "Measuring awareness of management responsibilities over financial reporting".  Purpose of the research was to understand what are the responsibilities of management over financial reporting; how these reporting responsibilities are arising; whether management are aware of their responsibilities over financial reporting, whether they are actually performing their responsibilities and whether the misstatements in financial statements are due to lack of management awareness over financial reporting or due to management intention. Read more

Re-designing Individual Income Taxation

Most of the individual tax payers pay tax on their income from salary. With the salary the receive, these individual has to manage all the basic needs as well as extended needs. However, tax authority allows deduction on only 3 types of expenses. As if people need only house to live, medical to health and conveyance to go office. As if people do not need to eat, do not need to wear cloths and send their children to schools. Read more