Old Blog 9 : New Soccer Season

Last time me and my friends played soccer was 8 month ago. That is when our friend Leu broke his left arm in a road accident. He was our key striker. After his accident all player become demotivated and almost stopped playing soccer. Nevertheless we all had love for Soccer because everyone asked me to organize another soccer match. I tried several times but there weren’t enough players to play. Day before yesterday, my friend Imran called for a match but same thing happened. but I asked Imran to call for the match next day so that i can inform others. And so I did. About 10 players responded for the match and 7 appeared in the field for the match. We took 2 more players from the field and got divided in two team. We played for more than 2 hours. Though my team got defeated by 6-1, I’m delighted because Soccer is back. We decided to play soccer each Thursday as everyone is free on that day. but if any unavoidable circumstances occurs, match will be held on Saturday. We all agreed with this plan. So from next Saturday we are starting New Soccer Season. And I’m pretty sure that next match full team will be in field. I’m too much excited about it. And now my whole body hurts as I played soccer after 8 months. I think my body missed soccer too…. :P :P . I don’t know whether I’ll be able to get in class just in time as tonight I’ll have a deep sleep I’ll be late to move out in the morning. So gotta go now….. Read more

Old Blog 8: Nostalgia

The person I’m is totally different from the person I was in my school life.in DRMC. I had the most wonderful 2 years of my life during my school life in Dhaka Residential Model College. I got some unforgettable memories there. I remember the day I passed the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) exam. I was really worried about my result. I never thought of getting GPA 5.00 out of 5.00. In fact I thought my result would be between 4.8-4.9. but I when I saw my result I was overjoyed. I remember it was a rainy day. I along with some other friends went out in the rain. we were flying in the open sky that day. Nothing could touch us our happiness. People were watching us while we were walking in the cats & dog rain. Some advised us not to get wet in the rain or else we will get fever. But we didn’t care. we replied “let us enjoy ourselves. this day won’t come again.” Read more

Old Blog 7: Update time!!

well well, looks like it’s time for a little update. i didn’t share my updates here in last few days. that is because I was little bit depressed . I am not going to tell why but all I can say that I lost interest on everything. I want to skip this part and say something about major events of last few days. Read more

Old Blog 5: Mystery & a heartbreak!

At last the mystery has been revealed. After 5 days of suspense, mystery has been revealed. Well the mystery is not that much serious. no. it is serious. My performance for Production Management (MGT314) course depended on it. OK, let me give you the full details. Read more

Digital Bangladesh and a lie!!

Current government of Bangladesh came into power with the motto of Digital Bangladesh. The set vision 2020 to complete the motto. Well, that’s a good thing to say. But in reality what they are doing? They are not setting up any new facility for achieving the goal that the government set. They lied to us. They don’t care about digital Bangladesh. I think, they don’t even know what digital actually means. How can I say this? We know digital is actually form of two binary digit. Those two digit is 0 & 1. o represents the absence of electricity & 1 represents the presence of electricity. When any data or information is represented these two binary digits it becomes digital. Read more

Can marketing create needs and demands?

Does marketing creates need or responds to the need? it is the very old marketing argument. I think marketing does this both. In order to survive in the competition or keeping business alive, marketers has to follow both strategies. Marketing satisfies need when consumers’ know what they need. But when there is no need is present or consumers’ don’t have the idea about what they need, marketing creates need. Read more