Road to Boga Lake : Episode 1

It was mid October when we made a plan to go on a tour to Boga Lake and enjoy the natural scenario. But before we could start, We faced a problem with our bus ride. But we solved the problem and continued with our journey. I was sure that rest of the tour will go smoothly according to our plan. But I didn't know that luck was not in our favor with this tour and lots of troubles were waiting for us. Read more

Experiencing Uber in Bangladesh

Uber has gained much popularity since its foundation back in 2009 a UberCab. Since then it has expanded its operation in different parts of the world. In continuation to that, Uber has started its operation on 22 November 2016 creating a hype among the young generation of the country. People were welcoming Uber and excited to get on a Uber ride. Read more

উদ্দেশহীন জাহাজে! 

মধ্যরাতে মাঝ নদী বরাবর জাহাজ চলছে। আমি জাহাজের বারান্দায় একা বসে আছি। প্রচন্ড বাতাস বইছে। মনে হচ্ছে সব উড়িয়ে নিয়ে যাবে। খুব সতর্ক হয়ে বসা দরকার। কিন্তু আমার ইচ্ছে করছে না। বাতাসের সাথে সাথে দু এক ফোটা বৃষ্টি পরছে। আমার কেন জানি খুব ভিজতে ইচ্ছে করছে। দু এক ফোটা বৃষ্টিতেই ভেজার চেষ্টায় রেলিং এর কাছে ঝুকে বসলাম। নিচের দিকে তাকিয়ে দেখি নদীর পানিতে জাহাজের আলো পড়ছে। সামান্য সেই আলো কিন্তু সেই সামান্য আলোতেই নদীর প্রমত্তা রুপ দেখা যাচ্ছে। বেশ বড় বড় ঢেউ আছড়ে পরছে জাহাজের গায়ে। ঢেউয়ের আঘাতে মাঝে মাঝেই দুলে উঠছে জাহাজ। Read more

Journey to Keshabpur

The tour was great. I got the change to see and culture of Jessore region. Got familiar with food cooking and social behavior. I was planning to visit the place once again with my friends. But I didn't know that I have to come to same region with in few days. But that's another story. Read more

Moments before, after and at kuakata…

After we returned to Dhaka, I started to miss the four days of our tour. It was the second time we had our own time. We were of out own and out of all sort of restrictions. This tour was totally different then our first tour at Sylhet. Apart from the 24 & 15 hours journey, we enjoyed every moments of the tour. Sifat will leave the country in upcoming February. Don't know when we will see him again. But we will sure miss him a lot. This tour to Kuakata will be our another great memory with Sifat. Moments that will help us to remember him. Read more

Ready to move out!!

we are getting ready to move out. I've already packed my bag. Did little bit of shopping. Just few more things need to take care of. And tomorrow evening we will head out for Kuakata. I hope this journey will be another memorable event of our life. Read more