Old Blog 19: First Blog!

thank you for visiting my blog. my blog doesn’t include any significant topic or idea. all my pointless and meaning less emotion, idea and understanding are expressed here. no reason to like it. if you are visiting my blog for the first time, than i should warn you that here you will do nothing but waste your time. if you are visiting my blog for second time or more than i’m surprised. i’m thinking what made interested to visit my blog once again. Read more

Old Blog 18: শুভ সকাল!!!

বাংলা নতুন বছর শুরু হবার দুটি দিন পার না হতেই কালবৈশাখীর দেখা মিলল। কালবৈশাখী যেন অপেক্ষা করেছিল নতুন বছরের। গত রাতে কালবৈশাখী ঝড়ের পর সকালটা খুব সুন্দর লাগছে। পাশের বাড়ির আম গাছের পাতা গুলোকে আগের চেয়ে অনেক বেশি সবুজ দেখাচ্ছে। সকালের সূর্যের সোনালী আলো পড়ছে পাতাগুলোর উপর। গাছের পাতায় আলোছায়ার খেলা, হালকা বাতাস আর নিশ্চুপ পরিবেশ। সবকিছু মিলিয়ে সকালটাকে বেশ সুন্দর লাগছে। এরকম সুন্দর সকাল ঢাকাতে খুব কমই দেখিছি। অথবা দেখিছই কিন্তু এখন মনে নেই। কিছুক্ষন পরেই ঢাকাকে দেখা যাবে নিজের স্বরুপে। ইংরেজিতে একটা কথা আছে “morning shows the day.” আর সেটা সত্যি হলে আজকের দিনটা বেশ ভালো যাবে। অন্তত এই আশাটুকু করতে পারি। দিনটি সবার ভালো কাটুক এই প্রত্যাশা করছি। শুভ সকাল!!! Read more

Old Blog 17: An exceptional day

Every day is special. Something new happens almost every day. Sometime some events make the day memorable, sometime not memorable but exceptional day. Yeah, Today was something like that. Not one, not two, five incidents made this day something exceptional. Read more

Old Blog 16 : Comedy Circus!

Once upon a time there was a website named facebook. It was a social networking site. Thousands of people used to use this site. But once govt. of a country name Bangladesh banned the use of facebook in that country. Why? because a Bangladeshi facebook user uploaded cartoon picture of the prime minister and the chairperson of opposition party . Police arrested that young bangladeshi facebook user. Now here comes the fun part. Newspaper of that country,Bangladesh, used to publish cartoon and caricature of those two person almost everyday. Govt. didn’t say a single word to those papers. But a man uploaded some cartoon and caricature of those two person and govt. arrested him. And also banned the use of Facebook in the country. Govt. could easily remove those cartoon & caricature. But what they did was banning site for whole country. Read more

Old Blog 14: Victory!

Beginning of a new semester in NSU means it’s time for war. A war of Advising. Every students of NSU has to fight this advising war. Those who are involved with NSU, you know how painful is this war. And those who don’t know about this war, let me give you a snap of this war. Not in picture but in words. Because here picture doesn’t talks much. Read more

Old Blog 6: Making of website

Last few days I was thinking about making a website. Actually I was thinking about doing something productive during this semester break. As always I preferred to make website. I tried to make some website in last semester breaks. But those sites were not that much good. Than one of my friend Zahid advised me to use WordPress. I actually didn’t have that much idea about WordPress. But I heard its name in many places. So I tried to give it a try. Read more

Old Blog 13: Fire and Fall

Last few days are very shocking days for Bangladeshis. Specially for People from Dhaka. First Govt. Banned Facebook, Than student was run over by truck, Building collapsed in Begunbari, Dhaka. And now Fire at Puran Dhaka. Read more

Old Blog 12: Happy Birthday to Murad Zaman

Happy Birthday Samrat!! Happy birthday my friend!!! lots of wishes for you…..(btw, no gift for you.. :P ) Many many thanks for the advance Birthday BBQ party ( now what about a post Birthday party ?? :D ). Thanks for the grapes and oranges…thanks for the chocolates. Finally thanks for the great moments…. Now I’m withdrawing all my thanks because once you told me “Friend der thanks dite hoy na.”.. :P :P :P Read more

Old Blog 11: Theory in Practice

you may know that I’ve chosen Finance as my major for undergrad. And i think you know that most of the time finance deals with share markets. As a finance student i’ve learned many financial application regarding the stock market. And I thought I would learn better if I practically get involved with the stock market. So I opened a BO account and applied for the ACI’s 20% convertible ZCB bond & 1st IFIC bank Mutual Fund. against 4 BO accounts (2 of mine & 2 of my father’s) i’ve applied. I also deposited 35K for the subscription. i don’t know whether I’ve made a good decision or not. I’m taking a risk for my 35K. if I fail, i’ll loose my investment. Also i’ll fail my father’s money. So I have to be serious about it. but first, i have to get the ZCBs and MF shares. :P Read more