All information about studying CA in Bangladesh.

There are many students who are willing to study CA but don't know any information about it. Many approached me for enrollment information in CA. So I thought it would be better if I put here for everyone. I believe these are the basic information prospective students needs to know of they are interested in studying CA in Bangladesh. If any more information is required, you can leave comment or contact with ICAB for more details. Read more

Breaking up laziness

I bought my Desktop back in 2006. Since than I have been utilizing 100% of its usage. My desktop was almost always on. I didn't shut it down for months several times. I played lots of games on it. I kept using it until 2012 when I bought my first laptop. One month later I bought my second laptop for a unbelievable cheap price. Though I had to change few hardware from that one as it was 5 years old. After that both laptops were working superb. I even installed windows 8 on both laptops. I was using both laptops happily. After having laptops, dependence on desktop went became significantly low. I didn't even use it in weeks. One month later from purchasing second laptop, I needed some documents from my desktop and found that my desktop was not working. I was so busy to look what actually happened to the PC. So I thought to look in to it later and recovered the desired document from online backups. I was busy at that month. So I couldn't fix the computer. When I become relaxed, I forgot about computer. Whenever I needed something from my PC, I remembered that PC was out of order and I need to use back ups. Soon I restored back ups in my laptops. So my PC was not required anymore. I got busy with my life and felt lazy to fix the PC. So it remained as it was and becoming dusty day by day. At some point I forgot about it completely. This continued for 2 years and few weeks back suddenly I remembered I had a desktop. And then I recalled it was out of order. I decided to look in to the problem and troubleshoot it. So today I cleaned the dusts and opened up the CPU box. After long laziness, I examined the PC and found out it has some hardware problem. It fried either its processor or its graphics chips. I am not sure which one. One thing is sure that I need to take it to some experts and buy some hardware. I am planning to take it to a servicing center next week. I hope I will not be lazy this time and if I do, it certainly won't be 2 more years. :) Read more


After May-June exam of ICAB, I am relaxed. I have nothing important to do. Although I had to join in the firm again. I have already seen few movies and finished watching few TV series. Now I feel free and revived. But not for long, as now I will have to start preparing for next exam at ICMAB. God help me..... Read more

Glimpse of 2013 and new year resolution

Another year have passed making me and my blog 1 year older. I started this year with lots of hope and excitement. I even made 10 new year resolution (See post new year resolution! ). In this blog I am going to compare the end result with expected result and tell you some major events that happened to me in 2013. Read more