An update of blog site

It has been 25 months since I have created this blog site. During this 25 months, i made lots of changes in the blog site. I changed templates and administrative settings. i tried to make the site look interesting. However it has been a long time since I updated my site. So today I made an update to my blog site. Read more

1st anniversary of my blog and few Stats!!

I don't know whether these stats & numbers are impressive or not but I'm impressed. Last one year I got some positive feedback about my blog site & posts. It greatly reinforced me to keep blogging. I'm thankful to my friends who greatly supported & motivated me through their comments or verbal appreciations. Even though I didn't write a single post in last month but I hope to write regularly from now on. Please pray for me that I can keep blogging. Read more

Old Blog 26: Generation Gap!

When I was an active blogger in, I wrote this post. I was having a hard time for my family and elder relatives. I started to think why any elder person can’t understand me. I understood that it’s due to generation gap. So I started to think why this generation gap exists and how to solve it. And this is how I ended up writing this blog. It was first published on . It is one of my high-level thinking post. Why should I put such post in other blog when I have my own blog? So I’m re-posting it here. Read more

Old Blog 19: First Blog!

thank you for visiting my blog. my blog doesn’t include any significant topic or idea. all my pointless and meaning less emotion, idea and understanding are expressed here. no reason to like it. if you are visiting my blog for the first time, than i should warn you that here you will do nothing but waste your time. if you are visiting my blog for second time or more than i’m surprised. i’m thinking what made interested to visit my blog once again. Read more