Two Little Business Women

I don't think these two girls are going to school but they should be. Instead of they are in newspaper business and making strategies for their business. It seems practical experience sometime teaches better than formal learning process. Read more

For a better emplyment

The amount of time and money people spends for getting degrees, a person might had a successful business if those are spent for small business. If people trend to start small business, this country will have lots of small entrepreneurs and who knows, they might become giant entrepreneurs someday. Read more

Journey to Keshabpur

The tour was great. I got the change to see and culture of Jessore region. Got familiar with food cooking and social behavior. I was planning to visit the place once again with my friends. But I didn't know that I have to come to same region with in few days. But that's another story. Read more

For better or worse

I don't know whether becoming articled student at AQC is a good idea or not. But I will stick to my decision. These decision might lead me to better or worse position. I certainly hope that this decision make thing worse. i will try my level best to make it better. Read more

Keeping the record intact

I never been a victim of hijacking. Most of the people I know have been a victim of hijacking at least for once. So never being a victim of hijacking is a record to me. I was nearly becoming a victim. However, in the end, I was able to keep my record intact. Read more

Contradiction to Self: Part 1

A person is defined by his or her beliefs and philosophy. When the beliefs and philosophy become extincted, there remains nothing to define a person. Right not I'm in that position. All my personal beliefs and philosophy have either destroyed or changed. Now I am just a contradiction to myself. Read more

Finally It's over!

It's over! It's over!! It's finally over! 111 semester is finally over. I can't really believe it's finally over. The thought of "done with this semester" making me happy and laugh like a mad. Read more