What is your relationship status in university period?

If you are a university student, what do you think your relationship status will be at the end of the university life? If you already graduated from university, what was your relationship status for that time frame? I made a theory that assumes there could be 18 types of relationship status during your university life. See if you can find yours among these 18 types. Read more

Contradiction to Self: Part 1

A person is defined by his or her beliefs and philosophy. When the beliefs and philosophy become extincted, there remains nothing to define a person. Right not I'm in that position. All my personal beliefs and philosophy have either destroyed or changed. Now I am just a contradiction to myself. Read more

A sample love letter for HR Managers

Some of my friends have taken HRM as their concentration. And unfortunately most of them are single. As a future HR manager, They should know how to write a love letter as they will be recruiting their boyfriend or girlfriend. Well, I'm not experienced in this sector but still I came forward to help them. I collected this sample Love letter for my future HR manager friends. Others can use this sample too but at your own risk. Because this sample is specialized for HR Managers. Hope you will find it useful. :P Read more