Whom are you betting on tonight?


Tonight is the big night. Tonight is the closing of month-long “greatest show on earth”. Tonight is the final of the FIFA World Cup 2010. Closing ceremony in now just few moment away.

Month long football show will end with the final match. Tonight the final match will give us a new champion. Champion of FIFA world cup 2010. Best two team of this world cup Spain and Netherlands will fight each other for their first world cup. Netherlands have the experience of playing final but spain is playing final for the very first time. Both of the team is on form. It’s really hard to predict who is going to win. On matter who wins, the match will be interesting. Because the winner will be the 8th county who have won the cup. 7 country won the last 18 world cup. Brazil 5 times, Italy 4 times, Germany 3 times, Argentina and Uruguay 2 times and England and France have won one time only. So the winner of the great tournament will have the honour to be the part of history as the new champion and winner of 19th world cup. So who is going to be the winner. Amazing predictor octopus paul have predicted that spain is going to be the winner. Another octopus paulin from Netherlands have predicted that it’s going to be Netherlands. A parrot from Singapore also thinks that Netherlands is going to be the owner. I think spain will be the winner. Who do you think will be the winner? Whom are you betting on tonight?


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