The great presentation

Yeah it was the great presentation. Great because it was too much lengthy. Starting from 8am, presentation is still continuing at 2:30pm. Well don’t get me wrong. It isn’t presentation of a single group. Different group of 3 section of Operation Management is preseting today.

Each group is taking an average of 30 minutes. Now think how long it will take for 21 (7 each section) groups. And yeah you will feel like presentation is going for forever.

Fortunately, presentation of my group is done already and now i’m watching my friends’ presentations. Actually we 4 group took the slot while presentation of other section is going on as some of our group members had exam at our time slot.

My group presentation was good. Thanks to my group members. They were too much dedicated for the group. Special thanks to Rabbi for taking the load.

Now let me talk about the presentation of my friends. Prottoy did an excellent presentation from his group. Tahmid was good too.
Wow it’s time for Sazid and Amins is going to perform. Need to watch it carefully. Don’t know when Abid’s and Mobashra’s group is going to prerent. I want to see their presentation. And i’m wondering how Sir is watching all there presentation. God bless him.

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