Old Blog 9 : New Soccer Season

Last time me and my friends played soccer was 8 month ago. That is when our friend Leu broke his left arm in a road accident. He was our key striker. After his accident all player become demotivated and almost stopped playing soccer. Nevertheless we all had love for Soccer because everyone asked me to organize another soccer match. I tried several times but there weren’t enough players to play. Day before yesterday, my friend Imran called for a match but same thing happened. but I asked Imran to call for the match next day so that i can inform others. And so I did. About 10 players responded for the match and 7 appeared in the field for the match. We took 2 more players from the field and got divided in two team. We played for more than 2 hours. Though my team got defeated by 6-1, I’m delighted because Soccer is back. We decided to play soccer each Thursday as everyone is free on that day. but if any unavoidable circumstances occurs, match will be held on Saturday. We all agreed with this plan. So from next Saturday we are starting New Soccer Season. And I’m pretty sure that next match full team will be in field. I’m too much excited about it. And now my whole body hurts as I played soccer after 8 months. I think my body missed soccer too…. 😛 😛 . I don’t know whether I’ll be able to get in class just in time as tonight I’ll have a deep sleep I’ll be late to move out in the morning. So gotta go now…..

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