Old Blog 16 : Comedy Circus!

Once upon a time there was a website named facebook.  It was a social networking site. Thousands of people used to use this site. But once govt. of a country name Bangladesh banned the use of facebook in that country. Why? because a Bangladeshi facebook user uploaded cartoon picture of  the prime  minister and the chairperson of opposition party .  Police arrested that young bangladeshi facebook user. Now here comes the fun part.  Newspaper of that country,Bangladesh,  used to publish cartoon and caricature of those two person almost everyday. Govt. didn’t say a single word to those papers. But a man uploaded some cartoon and caricature of those two person and govt. arrested him. And also banned the use of Facebook in the country. Govt. could easily remove those cartoon & caricature. But what they did was banning site for whole country.

There were some competition of drawing the pictures of prophet Muhammad (SAWS) . Thousands of Muslims all over the world protested against this event.  Pakistan court ruled for banning the use of facebook in pakistan. Very next day facebook apologized for this incident and withdrew the event from facebook. And almost a week later Bangladesh govt. banned the use of  facebook  in Bangladesh. Some said they did it because of the competition. But if the ban is really for the competition, than why after a week when everything is almost settled?

This is the greatest comedy circus of bangladesh government. They restricted all the the ways to access facebook. but still people are using facebook. It appears that govt. doesn’t know how fast young generation in adopting new technology. Govt. didn’t consider that there are hundreds of way in internet to access a blocked site. People can easily hide their IP, use tunnels, use proxy servers, Software to access restricted sites. Well that is what I’m doing right now. Thanks to Sazid.

Bangladesh govt. says that they will make digital Bangladesh. And what they are doing is putting restriction in the use of information technology. They are putting barriers to e-commerce and other communication process. It’s high time for the govt. to stop this comedy circus.

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