Old Blog 11: Theory in Practice

you may know that I’ve chosen Finance as my major for undergrad.  And i think you know that most of the time finance deals with share markets. As a finance student i’ve learned many financial application regarding the stock market. And I thought I would learn better if I practically get involved with the stock market.  So I opened a BO account and applied for the ACI’s 20% convertible ZCB bond & 1st IFIC bank Mutual Fund. against 4 BO accounts (2 of mine & 2 of my father’s) i’ve applied. I also deposited 35K for the subscription.  i don’t know whether I’ve made a good decision or not.  I’m taking a risk for my 35K. if I fail,  i’ll loose my investment. Also i’ll fail my father’s money. So I have to be serious about it. but first, i have to get the ZCBs and MF shares. 😛

First Published on :February 3,2010.

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