Old Blog 6: Making of website

Last few days I was thinking about making a website.  Actually I was thinking about doing something productive during this semester break.  As always I preferred to make website.  I tried to make some website in last semester breaks. But those sites were not that much good. Than one of my friend Zahid advised me to use WordPress. I actually didn’t have that much idea about WordPress. But I heard its name in many places. So I tried to give it a try.

I created this blog to get familiar with WordPress.  I found that it is very much easy to make website with wordpress. Previously I tried with MS Frontpage & MS Publisher. Also I used Blogspot for making site. Blogspot is much easier than WordPress but there are many problems. I Can’t change the layout in Blogspot. I don’t know whether it can be done in there. There is also a problem in WordPress. I can’t use Java script in WordPress.  So once again I wanted help from my friend Zahid. He advised me to use Java script plug-in. But WordPress.com doesn’t allow to use third party scripts. If I want to use third party scripts my site have to has 25K visitor per day & I also have to share 50% of profit I’ll make from third party scripts. Zahid also advised me to use WordPress.org where it was totally free to use third party scripts. But that I found was wordpress.org allows to make websites using wordpress software. But in that case i have to host my website elsewhere. But again another problem raised. It was really hard to upload wordpress soft in hosting area manually. I googled for the solution and what I found is that cPanel & Fantastico allows to install wordpress soft easily.  But these features are mainly available in paid hosting sites.

From the beginning I wanted to make the site without any cost.  I selected free domain name “easyonnet”  from co.cc.  I wanted to get all hosting fetures for free. So i again searched for free hosting sites that allows to use cPanel & Fantastico. And I found that x10hosting.com allows to do it. I opened an account with them and got cPanel & Fantastico features. but it was little bit tough for me being a first timer with cPanel & Fantastico. But after several tries I successfully installed wordpress for my site www.easyonnet.co.cc . From now on I can create my site using wordpress’s features.  I’m so much excited with my success. Now I have to select some themes, plug-ins, & design the site layout and make the content.  I’m so looking forward to do these. 😀 😀 😀 😀

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    1. blog at wordpress.com is easy to make but it doesn’t allow third party codes/scripts. That’s why I had to go for a separate website where I am using WordPress and It supports third party codes/scripts.

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