Old Blog 17: An exceptional day

Every day is special. Something new happens almost every day. Sometime some events make the day memorable, sometime not memorable but exceptional day. Yeah, Today was something like that.  Not one, not two, five incidents made this day something exceptional.

Incident one:

My MKT460 quiz was supposed to be held today (it’s a surprise quiz). As the quiz wasn’t taken last class, we, students, were pretty much sure that the quiz will be taken today. I wasn’t prepared for the quiz because I wasn’t sure which book to follow (we have two book to study). I asked one of my friends about the book and he told me the name. I studied the chapters for one hour just before the class time. I was ready for the quiz and attended the class. But Sir told that there will be no quiz today.

Incident Two:

My MGT314 (Operations Management) faculty told us that he will form the study group for us. But I took that course with some of my friends so that I can form my group with them. So I requested earlier my faculty to let us from our group. He didn’t say anything about it. Today I requested him again as he want to form the group very soon. This time he ignored my request. But I kept requesting him again and again.  This time he asked me with whom I want to form group. With hope, I showed my friends. But what he said that broke my heart once again (he already broke my heart once. See my blog:  Mystery & Heartbreak!!)  . What he said was “I’ll ensure that each of you fall in different groups”. I was just fallen down to earth from sky.

Incident Three:

After that heartbreak, I went to Printing Zone (Resource) to print some slides with a sad mind. There is a rule in the printing zone that you can’t take your bag in the printing zone. You have to keep your bag outside or pigeon hole. But they don’t care if it is a small bag. So today I, along with Mobashra & Sazid, went to printing zone. Sazind & I had traveling bags (more like school bags) with us. When we entered into the printing zone, in-charge of the zone told us to keep out bags out of the zone. But our friend Mobashra had a large handbag with her. He didn’t say anything to her. What discrimination to us.   :( I think he thought that Mobashra’s bag was a normal handbag.

Incident Four:

After the bag incident, I started to print. The file I wanted to print was a power point file with 75 slides. Printer didn’t take the print command when I wanted to print whole file (it was 4 slides per page, which made it 19 pages).  So I gave print command for first 48 slides (12 pages) and It was accepted. But it didn’t take the command for rest 27 slides (7 pages). I talked to the in-charge and informed about it. He said that I can’t print more than 3 pages at a time (i already printed 12 pages at a time).  So I tried printing 3 pages first but still it didn’t work.  I notified the in-charge again. And then he did something with my account and said now I’ll be able to print. So I tried again and gave print command of rest of the file (7 pages). This time it worked. But It took me nearly 10 minutes to complete printing the whole file. I’ve nothing to say but “It’s NSU”.

Incident Five:

After my class I thought of passing sometime in the club room. My cousin Abrar was there too. I thought I’ll return to home with him as he lives close to my home. But when they prepared for leaving they decided to go BFC (Best Fried Chicken).  I thought I didn’t go there lately, so I should go with them. When we were on the way I figured out I don’t have enough money to eat in BFC. I decided to go to ATM for withdrawing some money. So when we arrived at BFC, I went to nearest DBBL ATM booth. I withdrawn some money & checked my balance. What it showed was surprising. It showed my Balance is BDT 20,292 where as I had only BDT 4,500. I was just too surprised. I was wondering where that money came from. With an exciting mind I returned home. I asked my father if he deposited the money in my account. But he didn’t. So I told him about that money and he said “Oh! The bank has returned the money that I gave for primary share. I applied from your BO account and you didn’t get the primary share. So they returned the money to your Bank account.” I was just “Oh!”

You may find these incidents simple. But those were something exceptional when I was going through those. And that’s why they made the day exceptional.

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