Old Blog 25: End of winter break!

My break started after my final exam of last semester. in the beginning of the semester i went to visit  Sylhet  with my 6 other friends.  For the first time we friends gone to a tour. we all were too much excited.  we couldn’t sleep tour nights due to excitement. but yet we slept 😛 . The tour was really great. we returned from the tour, started on 31st December,2009, on 4th January,2010 night. days passed by as we remembered the tour.  But after boring time started. I had nothing to do. no study, to assignment or quiz, no project. i was like a bird who doesn’t know where to fly. so I started to stay awake till late night and woke up at noon. my parents become angry with me but i found it is a great way to pass boring time. i was some good movies but later on i lost interest.  i had no interest on Facebook.  So i started working blog and website and created this blog.  but now my break is almost finished. only two more days remaining. than a new and my 7th semester will start with painful advising. i pretty much tensed about advising because i’m sure i’ll not get my desired courses and faculty. for sure i have to stand in painful re-advising line.  my previous semester wasn’t up to the expectation. so i have to work hard this semester.  i’m making some plan to do well in this semester. now i need God’s blessings and help. may Allah help me.

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