The Bad Phrase…

There are sometimes when things trend to go wrong. Doesn’t matter what you do or what are done to you, things ends up with mess. And other time everything you do or done to you ends with success even if you don’t try hard. This is a cycle good phrase and bad phrase. This cycle repeats itself with times. And looks like I’m passing the bad phrase at this moment.

Let me start with Computer problem. Few days before my Hard drive of the computer crashed. This cost me my entire 5 years of data, university projects, Movie & Serials I’ve downloaded, Software I collected, songs, games, friends & family pictures and many other things. This crashing thing happened when I needed the computer very much. My assignments, projects & presentations are due soon. I was planning to start doing those things. But looks like things doesn’t workout how you plan it.

After fixing the HDD or at least I thought I did, I tried to make the computer usable once again. So I collected & downloaded necessary software that I need. I also installed Ubuntu instead of XP. I was so sure that my computer was ready to use once again but unfortunately my HDD crashed once again. And now I had to buy a new HDD. Even though I reinstalled the windows newer problem is coming everyday. I need to give some time to my computer  but can’t have that time. Too busy with projects and other things.

Apart from this hardware crashing, my academic performance is  not matching with my expectation. I didn’t get good marks in first mid-term exam. Even though I knew first mid didn’t reflect my true performance and I still had chance to end up with a good grade. But now, after 2nd mid-term exam, I know I’m really doing bad. I messed up in every exam. Although it’s not entirely my fault. I had to face more than one mid or quizzes in single day and sometime consecutively. Looks like I couldn’t handle the stress anymore. Things are getting out of my hand. 🙁

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