It's almost time….

Spring 2011 semester is the last semester for most of my best friends in North South University. I hate to admit that I’m really jealous of them. At the same time I’m feeling sad too. Looks like I’m become alone in NSU once again.

In my very first semester in NSU I wondered “how will I pass these 4 year?”. I tried hard to finish up courses as soon as possible. That’s how I ended up in classes without my school and college friends. Apart from the first semester, I was without friends in most of the courses. In order to survive in those courses I had to make new friends.  Study Group for different courses also helped me to know others and make friends.

3 years passed away in eyelashes. During these 9 semester I’ve built lots of peers. Some peers are too strong. Although I’ve built lots of peers, strong peers are very low in number. Because I was either the junior most or one of the junior students in class, peers I’ve built are bit of senior (one or two semester) than me. Most of them have already graduated from NSU. Those who are remained, spring’11 semester will be their last semester.

This spring semester will be one of the memorable semesters for me and I’m sure of it. I’ll miss these friends when they won’t be around. But fortunately I don’t have much time left either. Just two more semester before I go for internship and then graduate.  Looks like our time has come. It’s almost time to leave NSU.

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