Ready to move out!!

After our successful tour to Sylhet, my friends and I made up a plan to go on few more tours after Spring & fall 2010 semester. We decided to go at Kuakata after spring semester and at Sundarban after fall semester. But for some reason we had to cancel the tour after spring semester. Then it was decided that we going on a tour after fall semester no matter what happens.

Through out the fall semester my friends and I were discussing about the places to go. We came out with Cox’s Bazar, Bandarban, Sundarban & Kuakata  as our places for tour. After initial screening, we canceled Cox’s Bazar & Bandarban as destination. Our first choice was Sundarban but due to different reasons we had to choose Kuakata.

As the problem with destination was settled, new problems kept coming. One of the problems was with selecting departure date. Initially we thought of leaving Dhaka on  28th December. But some of us had exam on 28th and so the date was shifted to 30th December. But then suddenly I was informed that one of my cousin’s wedding reception was on 31st December. So,after long discussion, we decided to leave Dhaka on 31st night.

Now, we are getting ready to move out. I’ve already packed my bag. Did little bit of shopping. Just few more things need to take care of.  And tomorrow evening we will head out for Kuakata.  I hope this journey will be another memorable event of our life.


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