Happy Bangla New Year 1418 ! (শুভ বাংলা নববর্ষ ১৪১৮!)

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Today is the first day of Boishakh (First month of Bangla year) . Which means today is the first day of Bangla New Year! In every culture, New year is celebrated with joy and festive mood. Same thing happens during Bangla new year.
From the early morning people get together wearing red & white panjabi and other cultural dresses for the “Mongol Shova Jatra” which is a procession of wishing good things to everyone. During this procession people bear different cultural symbols and other things in order to make the procession look festive. So bright and color is present in everywhere.

Different cultural event is organized throughout the day to celebrate the “Pohela Boishakh” (1st day of boishakh). Concert is one of them. The first song that is  sung is “Esho he Boishakh” (Come, Boishkh) to receive the Boishakh. Another important part of celebration is eating Panta vat a traditional food in Bangladeshi villages.

I had seen people taking preparation to celebrate the Bangla new year. But I had no preparation. I had only one plan and that is to study 14 cases and make myself prepare for the Strategic Management (MGT489) final exam. But last night my Aunt gifted me a nice red Panjabi which make me to think of attending the new year celebration. Also my friend requested me to join with then in the afternoon. So I decided to study in the morning and attend the celebration at noon.

Though I didn’t join in the celebration in the morning, I enjoyed the Jol khabar (one kind of food with sweet, Yogurt, banana & rice) in the morning and Panta vat at launch. 😀 I was at Dhaka University Campus with my friends enjoying ourselves and celebrating the day. I was there till the evening. It was too awesome.

Well, now I’m back to the point where I were. Got to study hard to make up the lost time…:( I’m sure I’ll be able to cover all the chapters and cases by due time. Just pray for me.

Oh! I forgot to wish you guys! Wishing you Happy Bangla New Year 1418 ! শুভ নববর্ষ (meaning, happy new year)!


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