living in political turmoil..

Political environment of Bangladesh have never been stable. Violence is part and parcel of politics in Bangladesh. Power show off has always been the key competition element for all political parties instead of welfare of the people they represent. For example, when Bangladeshi Nationalist Party (BNP) formed a 4 party alliance, immediately Bangladesh Awami League (BAL) formed an 14 party alliance. They overlooked with whom they are forming alliance because they just wanted to increase the number of parties in their alliance. And till date both BNP & BAL maintaining their alliances. And now competition of power has shifted to two alliances from two parties.

Few days back two alliances had another showdown of power causing problems to whole nation especially to the citizen of capital city Dhaka. On March 12, 2012 BNP and its alliance called for an assembly at Polton, Dhaka. They announced date long before the event so that the supporters and local leaders from all over the country can join in the assembly. BNP and its alliance tried their best to gathers their supporters and show off their power & support to their claim. They might be successful if BAL and its alliance didn’t interfere. As BAL & its alliance is in power, it is very easy to interfere in any gathering as they have the armed forces under their command along with their own supporters. Although govt. said they didn’t interfere but they actually did interfered the 4 party alliance’s assembly and paralyzed the capital. Govt. cut off all long distance communications including highway, waterway & railways. As far I know only airways was active. Not only that, political supporters of 14 party alliance was on patrol along with police and other armed forces so that no political supporters of 4 party alliance can enter in the city. This action caused tremendous suffering to common people as they cannot commute to their destination.Even after these obstacles,  BNP & its alliances seems to had a successful assembly (some source says they hired audience 😛 )

Just 2 days after, on March 14, 2012, BAL & its alliances called another assembly. However, this time BAL & its alliances brought supporters from all over the country (as I hard they hired audience too :-S ).

From this scenario, my analysis is that ruling alliance is afraid of 4 party alliance. Because of that they tried to interrupt as much as possible so that they can’t show their power.  Furthermore they held the assembly right after 2 days so that they can show their power. Even after 40 years of liberation,we still didn’t get stable political practice. Our politics is still full of violence. Violence now expanded to National parliament. As long as there will be violence in politics, we have to lead our life in political turmoil.

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