First Day of Auditing

I joined AQC (A. Qasem & Co. Chartered Accountants) on April 1, 2012 as Articled Student. Since then I worked at the firm office and made worked on Tax Deducted at Source and VAT deductions of the professional fees of the firm. However watching other students going on Audit made me ever more interested to go on Audit. After almost two months, yesterday I finally joined in an audit team. Though, I was called several times to join in different audit team, but I was not allowed to do so until I finish my assignment.

I arrived at Client’s office in the early morning which is 45 min earlier than my office time. My senior team members gave me a brief idea of the client and what we will be auditing. Later I was asked to do some vouching. Since I was new in auditing, I didn’t know about vouching. My seniors taught me how to work on vouchers and write observations. Then I did several vouching which was later checked by seniors for mistakes.

First day of auditing was a wonderful experience. Client provided a separate room for our work. And the team members are helpful and cooperative to me. I don’t know how other thinks about us but as an auditor I feel I am something…:P and now I am looking forward to the upcoming days…..

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      1. Before my result may I apply. I have still above first class mark.
        My SSC result 3.94
        And HSC result 4.60 may I expect top rated firm

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