Rethink Life

I am beginning this blog with my utmost sympathy to the people who are victim of the incidents at Shirajgonj, Savar and Bohodderhat in Chittagong. I know it does not matter whether I express my sympathy or not. Sufferings of the victims, their friends and families are thousand times greater than my sympathy. But still I feel sorry for their loss.

One died in ceiling collapse at Shirajgonj. 110 died at Savar. Media said 12 died in flyover collapse at Chittagong. But I heard from my friends at Chittagong that more that 100 died in that incidents.  Police are not letting people to enter in the indecent area. Our media are hiding information and giving false statistics. 🙁 shame on our media.

Flyover tat Bohoddorer Hat in Chittagong didn’t collapse for the first time. It collapsed two times earlier. After the last collapse, an investigation team was formed and the investigation team recommended in their report to observe the construction process closely. Authority, however, failed to execute the recommendation. Thus it caused another collapse. I don’t think that quality of construction materials were good enough.  I believe the constructors tried to cut some expenses by using low quality materials so that  they can pull their profit higher. Well, this is what every constructors tries to do. But these constructors pushed it too far. Same thing goes for the indecent at Shirajgonj where the ceiling of the under construction CNG station collapsed. Let’s come back to flyover topic. This flyover collapsed  three time while construction process in on going. If it collapses before the construction is over then it will definitely collapse after the completion of construction. I think govt. should abandon this project or reconstruct the whole flyover. 

Garments burning is very common in Bangladesh. There is a garments burning in every two or three months. But still garments owners are not taking precautions about it. Why should they do it? Their precious garments are insured. The govt. give subsidy and other incentives to them. They have nothing to loose. Life of the garments workers have no value in profit calculation of garments owners. Rather they uses the garments workers as slaves and treats as thieves. Therefore they put net or iron beerier after the windows thinking workers will throw fabrics or other items through windows. They keeps fire exits very narrow  Some garments don’t even have a fire exit. Garmets owners don’t offer fire drills or training. And as the workers don’t have training, they don’t know how to use the fire extinguishing equipment.

Recent tragic event made me rethink about life. Our life is is an wonderful present given by almighty to us. Our life not only attached to our body but also related with others’ life. Life of our friends and family. Life in the current world setting is tougher and competitive than ever. Everything now is measured in monetary unit.  There for people always run after money. And sometime people sacrifices humanity to earn money. Recent tragic events occurred because of some greedy  people. I saw a TVC by BRSM steel that gives the message “use BRSM steel to secure your build’s strength”. Ok I will use BRSM steel in construction but what happens if I don’t use good quality cement, or a good carpenter? it won’t change anything. My building will collapse. What we need is a little consideration and care for others’ life. Just rethink the value of people’s life during construction process.


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