Victory Day wish!

It has been 41 years since Bangladesh has won its Victory came after many sacrifices has been made. It sure will be regarded as the worst time in the history of Bangladesh. But yet it brought the best moment for Bangladesh and that is the victory of the Bangladesh.

Victory is different to different people. Those who have fought for the country has strong feelings for the country. Those who lost something or someone in the freedom fight, victory is something to them. And those who got the Independent country as gift, most of them have weak feelings about victory. But yet we all love this country and celebrate victory of this lovely land.

Although it has been 41 years since Bangladesh have achieved independence. Bangladesh have achieved many significant achievements. These achievements have bought reputation for this country. However, the main reasons and dreams people fought for is still  is not achieved. But hopefully we will get a good leader who will lead this country to the dream freedom fighters fought for. I am a dreamer who is waiting for that days. In the mean time I am wishing my victory day wish to all of you. I am dedicating a song named “Bangladesh” by a top Bangladeshi Singer James.



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