new year resolution!

People make their new year resolution before new year. Although 3 days of new year have already passed, I’ve not prepared my new year resolution yet. And now I will make it.


Resolution 1: This year I will try my best to be more religious. I will try to follow the code of conduct almighty given us.

Resolution 2: This year I will try to be more caring to my family, relatives and friends and grow my relationship even higher.

Resolution 3: I will develop my time management skill.

Resolution 4: Complete at least 400 marks of ICMAB.

Resolution 5: Complete PS(K) level of ICAB.

Resolution 6: I will grow the habit of savings.

Resolution 7: I will lose some weight.

Resolution 9: I will be a good and expert in whatever I do.

Resolution 10: I will keep all the good habits I have and give up the bad ones.


These are my 10 resolutions in this year. Lets see what happens at the end of 2013.

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