Random & Pointless!

Thousand times I have written blog and Facebook status on different issues. Some were serious, some were funny and some were utter nonsense. But you haven’t seen them. No one actually seen them because I didn’t post it. After writing those blogs or Facebook statuses, I don’t click on the ‘post’ button. Rather I press the backspace key and hold it until all the writings are vanishes before my I eyes. Every time I wrote those posts or statuses, I asked myself “what is the point?” No! I didn’t want to know the definition of point. I wanted to know the purpose. I asked myself why should I post? what difference it makes whether I post it or not? Most of the time I don’t find answers to these questions and hence the backspace button.

what is the point?Moments ago I saw this picture in Facebook. It appeared legitimate to me. We do things for living, for earning others respect, for earning a good grade, a well demanded degree, a well paid job, luxury houses and fast cars. We fight with others, we compete, we backbite, we work hard and what not? We achieve things for happiness which for most lies in achieving. Its like doing a job to meet the expense of your car which you need to go to your job. We make our life complected. In doing so, we lose our closest ones and ourselves. At the end, we forget the point of doing all these.

Nothing matters! really! You will die eventually. Everything you achieve will collapse with you. None of those can help you in long-term. No one going to remember you. Even if they do, only in certain occasions. You earn to have a good life? no! you earn to eat. What asset you have is the excess of what you can eat. The asset you acquire will be eaten by your next generation and by others.

Keep this in mind that things changes over time. The person you love today so dearly, will forget you tomorrow. Tomorrow that person will be the most hated person of your life. The friend you trust so much today will turn on you tomorrow.Think before you act. Today you overpower someone, he/she will overpower you in future.  And it will get to you. It may be today or may be tomorrow.

I have seen many people regrets everyday about their life. I don’t see why you should. You make a mistake today, there is no point trying to undoing it. Because you can’t! it’s in the past. There’s absolutely nothing you can do it. you can re-perform things, but it will cost you. Either with time or with money. If you ask for someone’s forgiveness, you may be told that you are forgiven. But you will not be able to forgive yourself. And the person will not forget about what you did.

People do mistakes when they are proud, when they are angry and when they are in frustration or depression. They don’t think twice. What’s the point of acting all proud? Tomorrow your achievements will be worthless. When you are angry, ask yourself “does your anger makes things right?”. What’s the point of being angry when your anger make things worse? What’s the point of feeling down when you can’t do anything about it? What’s the point of sitting frustrated and wasting time?

I have learned that no once can success unless one have purpose. If you know your purpose, your actions can be defined. You will do whatever you need to do to fulfill your purpose. Ignoring the religious view, I don’t think most of the people don’t know their purpose. I don’t think I know about myself either. Most of the time our actions are influenced by others. We do what others are doing. I mean we like to ‘go with the flow’. Most of the time we don’t consider what other alternatives are available to us. Even if one can identifies and selects and an alternative path, we don’t allow them to pursue that alternative. Why? because, we like to “go with the flow”. We also like to take others with the flow so that the flow remains intact. This the moment when the question “what is the point?” pops up. Be sure to look at the future first. If you are sure that no matter what you do, the outcome remains same, there is no point of taking the alternative. There is no point of taking a risk. Everything becomes irrelevant. If you believe you can succeed in your way and you can make a difference, hold on to it. Because that’s your path which sets your purpose and eventually will set your destiny.

Author’s Note:
This is an utter nonsense post. I have tried to put my random and pointless thoughts together. I am pretty much sure, nothing in this post make any sense. I tried to press the backspace again but I didn’t find any point of doing that either. I apologize for wasting your time.

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