Experiencing vulnerability

Crime is widespread now a days. Criminals always finds a new way to commit crime and we become the victim of their misdeed. Night before last night (on 25th June night) I also became a victim of crime.

I was returning home from a Iftar party organized by classmates and friends of North South University (NSU). It was already passed 10pm so I took a CNG. Road was almost empty and the CNG was going at a very good speed. I felt relaxed and I was thinking that I will not take more than half an hour to reach Moahmmadpur from Banani. I started to browse Facebook and scrolling down the posts and pictures shared by my friends. After few moments I looked out and saw that I was crossing Bijoy Shmarani. My CNG slowed down a bit at the end of the Bijoy Smarani and started toward the the road infrant of Chandrima/zia udda. As the CNG started to run again, I returned to Facebook browsing. After few moments later, suddenly I noticed the my cellphone was not in my hand and it is going upward. For a brief moment, I couldn’t understand what was happening. Then I understood that someone has snatched my cell phone. I shouted to the CNG driver to stop the CNG. CNG driver didn’t understand at first but eventually he stopped the CNG. By that time snatcher ran away. A biker saw the whole indecent and showed the direction where the snatcher ran away. I quickly followed the direction and but couldn’t find anyone. Road was empty and there were some people walking at the opposite side of the road. I quickly run toward the opposite side of the road. I tried calling my numbers from my other phone hope that it would rang and I would be able to catch the snatcher if he was around. But unfortunately the snatcher complete vanished with my cellphone and I could not locate the snatcher as he already switched off my cellphone.

I returned to my CNG and inspected how this happened. I saw that the snatcher has cut a hole in the CNG hood with a blade. He got into at the back of CNG while CNG slowed down at the signal point. He made the whole as soon as CNG started to move. Within a second he took snatched my cellphone and ran away. I was so shocked. I didn’t even think that it was possible. After waiting few more minutes I started for home once again. I realized that there was nothing I could do. I felt vulnerable and helpless but returned to home. I was upset as I lost lots of personal information and family pictures along with the phone. I could not sleep the night. On the following morning, I went to the police station and made a general diary for the loss of cellphone. They told me that they will try to find the phone but it might not be possible. Even if the phone is recovered, it will not be before four to five months.

This was the second time I lost my cellphone in a public transport. I lost my cellphone first time almost one and half year earlier when I was trying to get into a crowded public bus. People was  pushing each other and someone took the opportunity to  pick my phone from my pocked. Moments after pick pocket, I realized that I lost the phone. I tried to look around and find the person stole my phone. But it was really hard for me to locate my phone over the tough crowd. I was helpless and didn’t understand what to do. I was vulnerable. Later I came to know that many people lost their cellphone while trying to get into a crowded bus. Pickpockets steal the phone and pass it to another. From that day, I try to avoid crowded public transport.

I said at the start of the blog that criminals always find new ways to commit crime. They finds  innovative ways to exploit our weakest and careless moments leaving us vulnerable.  In order to avoid becoming victim of the crime, we must be careful on the road and public transportation. We should identify our weakest points while we are at the road and try to overcome the weakness. We should also take lessons from other incidents so that we can make ourselves aware about the ways crimes are committed. It is said that prevention is better than cure. As part of preventing crimes, we should be aware before we fall victim of crimes. I request you all to stay safe and aware of surroundings while you are on road.

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