Benefits of having dumb phones!

Few days earlier I lost my smart phone. After that I have shifted to my spare old dumb phone. To be honest it took a while to get used to the old dumb phone. Although I need another smart phone and will buy one soon, I learned first hand that there are some benefits of having dumb phone.

  1. Forget charging you phone once everyday. I have not charged my phone in last 3 days. And when I put the phone for charge it does not take long to full charge the battery.
  2. Without a smart phone, you can’t take selfies and post them in social medias. People will be better off.
  3. You can actually enjoy the beauty of the places instead of uploading them in social media.
  4. You can taste the foods when they are still hot. You don’t have to take thousands of pictures before eating them.
  5. You can’t pretend you are doing something important when you want to avoid talking to unknown persons in the party. In order to avoid being awkward, you have to start a conversation.
  6. You can’t spend time on checking in or posting live events. So you have to sit around or you could just get along with the crowd.
  7. You don’t have to buy internet packages so you can save some money.

Although there are these and more benefits, but we still need smart phones to do many other things. I’m planning to treat the smart phone which I’m going to purchase as a dumb phone. I’ll not let my smart phone to in-socialize me.

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