New Year Resolution 2018

I know it’s really late for sharing the new years resolution but better late than never. Although I have already set my resolution at the very beginning of the year but I couldn’t manage time for putting things in word and share in this blog.

For my resolution for 2018 is divided into two parts. In first part, I plan to continue previous resolutions that are not achieved or maintain for this year also.

Part 1: Continuous resolutions:

  1. Continue career development
  2. Complete all degree requirements of ICMAB and ICAEW
  3. Re-develop the reading habit. Complete reading all the books bought in 2016 & 2017
  4. Travel at least 3 districts of the country and 3 foreign countries.
  5. Try to be a practicing Muslim and Read the Holy Quran at least.

Part 2: New Resolutions

  1. Be the master of own coins (mastering own financials management)
  2. Join a Gym (incomplete resolution form 2017 to decrease body weight to 70 kg  but this time more specific)
  3. Focus on building strong professional and personal network.
  4. Publish at least 2 articles to any professional newsletter or journals.
  5. Identify business opportunity.

So that’s it from me. What’s your new year resolution? Share with me in the comment section below.

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