Dhaka University Convocation & Transcript Application Process [Specially for EMBA]

I have completed my requirement for MBA degree from Department of Accounting Information System under Faculty of Business Administration back in 2016. When circular of 2018 Convocation came out, I understand I don’t have sufficient information available to apply for convocation. So I went to my department, I collected necessary information from my department e.g. final result, exam date, result publication date, Student Registration number etc. But I faced difficulties to proceed further because department were not that much helpful. So I collected information from different sources which somewhat difference from each other. Anyway, I finally submitted my Convocation and Transcript application process. I felt little but information could help others and save money and precious time. So I’m sharing the steps to Dhaka University Convocation & Transcript Application Process.

If you are not applying for convocation but planning to collect original certificate, directly go to step 3.

Step 1: Information collection process

Convocation application website to identify necessary information. Go to your department and obtain those information.

Step 2: Online convocation application & payment process

Complete your online application and make payment through bKash or Sonali Bank Card or directly from Sonali Bank Account or selected branches of Sonali Bank. Payment amount varies study program to program. From EMBA, its around BDT 5,300.

Step 3: Filling up application for certificates

After completing your online application for convocation application, login to your account at Convocation application website. You will find filled up application for convocation and certificate, a form for acknowledgement of application, Convocation gown receiving receipts, Convocation gown returning form and gift receiving receipts. In that case you are done with this step. But if you are not applying for convocation, you have to collect ‘Certificate Application Form‘ from room 310 of registrar building. you have to pay BDT 15 for the form. Complete the form with the information collected in step 1.

Step 4: Application for Transcript

If you are planning to apply for Transcript, you have to collect the ‘Transcript application form’ room 310 of registrar building for a fee of BDT 15. Make sure you collect transcript form. Don’t mix up with ‘Certificate Application Form‘. Complete the form with information collected in step 1. Go to room 308 of the same building for officer sign for payment section. Officer will write down the amount to be paid for certificate. It varies for program to program and your urgency. You have to pay at Janata Bank, TSC branch in yellow deposit form. You can pay at time when you are following step 6.

Step 5: Applying for Hall clearance

When you have filled ‘Certificate Application Form‘ and ‘Transcript application form’, go to the hall you are attached with. Go to provost office for Hall provost sign and hall clearance in both ‘Certificate Application Form‘ and ‘Transcript application form’. Attach a copy of admit card in both of the application form. Hall will charge fees of BDT 200/300 for clearance. Hall office will provide you a payment slip. Payment slip will mention which bank you have to pay. Bank varies hall to hall.

[Note 1: All students at DU are attached with a residential hall. You might be resident or non-resident student of the hall. you will have your registration with your hall.]

[Note 2: you can get the transcript application from at your hall for some fees and apply for hall clearance. But before you make payment, you have to get it initialed at room 308 of registrar building. In that case you have to to go to bank two times.]

[Note 3: Obtaining provost sign and hall clearance takes time. If you submit it by the first half of morning, you might collect it in the second part. But if you submit form in second half of the day, you might have to collect it in second day.]

Step 6: Making payments

After collecting payment slips from hall, you have to make the payments for Hall Clearance at designated bank. when you are at bank, you can also make payment for the Transcript fees and for certificate [only if you are applying for certificate without convocation]. It will save time and conveyance expense.

Step 7: Collecting signed forms from Hall

Submit the hall clearance deposit form to the Hall. Hall officer will attach it with your Certificate application form. You might have to wait for the clearance. Make sure you collect the forms signed by the hall provost in order to proceed further.

Step 8: Collecting library clearance [not required for all]

Some halls requires students to get hall clearance. In that case student have to collect clearance from library. Ask at hall and make sure whether it is required or not.

Step 9: Submitting application for Certificate

When you are done at hall and obtaining library clearance [if required], go to room 309 of registrar building for submitting ‘Certificate Application Form‘. Officer in the room will sign the application receipt acknowledge and the copy of deposit slips for hall clearance. They will write some reference number on the deposit slips and receipts which will be required to shown for collection of certificate. If you are not applying for convocation, officer of the room will let you know when can you collect your certificate.

Step 10: Submitting application for Transcript

After submitting ‘Certificate Application Form‘, go to room 308 and submit the ‘Transcript Application Form‘. They will collect the form and write the receipt number in the ‘student part’ of yellow deposit slip used for depositing fees for transcript. Officer in the room will inform you when can you collect the transcript.


So this is the whole process for applying certificate and transcript. If i missed anything, feel free to mention in the comment below.

Application process for certificate and transcript is hectic and little bit confusing. I wish they could ease it up with some digitization and synchronizing information between Program office/ department, Halls and registrar building.

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