Fall of mighty Brazil

At last, mighty Brazil has fallen. Last night in their match with Netherlands, they got defeated. And their dream of Hexa shredded with their defeat. But the match was too good. Till first half I was impressed with Brazilian football. They had the match under control.  Their movement, ball control everything was nice. But in 2nd half when Holland came back in the match and created a pressure on Brazilians, Brazil couldn’t handle the pressure. Instead of playing their natural game they started to play with their muscle. They committed foul one after one.

On the other hand, from the start Holland played a very good match. They played the match keeping their head cool. Though Brazil created a pressure at first half by scoring a goal, Duchess took the pressure under control. And that’s how they were able to come back in the match in 2nd half. But duchess also committed some unnecessary fouls.

Both Brazil and Holland played well. But luck was in favor of Holland. This is the rule of game. One team will gain victory over another. So Holland wins and Brazil has to go out of the tournament. I’m feeling sorry for the Brazilians. They deserve to go furthermore. Also expressing my sympathy to Brazilian people (not to Brazilian fans) because football is their life, football is their everything. Apart from Samba dance, they are known to the world is because of football. It’s really a shocking moment for the Brazilian people.

Also I’m feeling happy as Brazil looses. It’s not because I’m supporting Argentina, it’s because the Brazilian fans around me. Especially fans near my house. They play waka waka, oh Africa, weaving flag & Brazilian anthem in high volume in Brazil’s every match. Even I can’t sleep for their shout in mid night. But as Brazil got defeated in last match, they were surprisingly quiet. I didn’t hear a single sound of music or their shout.

There is another reason I’m happy. Brazil won the world cup five times. It’s a really great. But I saw some fans supporting Brazil just because of it. I just want to say, Support Brazil because they plays really good but not because they won 5 times. History doesn’t help you in match. What helps is how well you can play.

So tonight is my favorite team Argentina’s match. Tonight they will face giant team Germany. Don’t know what will be the result but as a football fan I want a nice game from both of the team. Not the muscle game but a good strategic match. So what will I do if Argentina got defeated? Well, I didn’t put too much expectation from Argentina. I just want them to play nice and play their usual game. I just like how they play. No matter what happens, I’ll be still supporting Argentina. I don’t care about statistics, I don’t care about history, I don’t care about 24 year cycle, I don’t care about what people predicts. I care about a nice football from Argentina. I don’t want to see them playing with their muscle. I want to see them playing with their natural instinct. And hope they will do it and win the match.


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  1. Good one from you Redwan. Though I guess don’t have much to say here since I’m shell-shocked after Brazil’s early and sad departure. But Brazil lost the game to a better side. If they could somehow manage to win yesterday, it would not have been a fair judgment. Muscle play never relates with Joga Bonito, that was proved last night.

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