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Traffic Jam
a view of Traffic Jam


By nature Bangladeshis are patient and non-violent. This is a common sentence when you analyze the characteristics of Bangladeshis. I too agree that Bangladeshis are patient but not sure about non-violent.

In Bangladesh we have lots of problem. It’s a poor country, it has population problem, almost every sector of this country is corrupted. I can go more and more. But all these problems are old. Load shedding and traffic jam added new dimension to our problems.

Load shedding in my area was unbearable last few days. Each day load shedding was present in our life  from morning to late night after each  hour. I couldn’t even use my PC when it was needed. :S well, load shedding is already a well established problem. It already made our life hell. There is nothing new to say about it. So lets move on to the next problem.

From my perception, at this time the most critical problem in Dhaka is Traffic jam. Traffic jam in Dhaka is already well-known. But in recent time it has reached a supreme level. Well it happened in past too. To solve this problem, govt. build the flyovers and link roads. But the same problem raised again.

While going to the university, I witnessed largest traffic jam in this year. luckily was on the other side of the road. but luck is always remains the same. very next days I got stuck at traffic. I was stuck there for about two hours. and I was late for my class. Traffic got twisted like English Tongue Twisters.  Even though I started for the class one and half hour earlier, I was 30 min late.

I was in Bus when I was stuck in the traffic. One my co-passenger said “well God must be taking test of our patience.” Another said “no, our govt. is taking test of our patience. They have no headache because they never faces traffic jam.” That moment I realized we Bangladeshis are really patient. We don’t do anything when we are irritated. We don’t go violent. We just sit and say “All is well….All is well”. We face unbearable load shedding, we face painful traffic, we face water & gas crisis but yet we don’t say anything. Well I think that because we are not united. Even if some people come united and protest, our govt. does not care. Because they are Bangladeshi and so they are patient too. So there is no way to we can make our govt. understand what we people are going through in our everyday life at Dhaka.

After being irritated I started to write the post. Now I don’t know what I actually said. I totally lost track. Sorry about that. 🙂

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