Winter blow

Two in the fog
Winter mist

It’s 1:30 at night. Current temperature of Dhaka is 12° Celsius (53° Fahrenheit). My hands are cold, my feet have almost frozen. I can see  dew drops on my window as I look through.  Even though I’m wearing warm cloths , I’m still shivering in cold as I’m writing this blog.

Once I was asked to write about winter in one of my junior school exam. I wrote winter is the best season after spring. Then I explained why I thought winter was the second best season. I wrote winter is the time for cakes. Winter is the time when you have date juice. You can see dew drops on grass only at winter morning. I also wrote that winter is the season when poor people suffer most. Though I wrote in winter poor people suffer most, I didn’t have slightest idea about their suffering. I’m not saying that now I know about their sufferings. But now have at least better idea and understanding than earlier.

I’m wearing warm clothes and living in a building. And yet I’m shivering in cold. I can’t even imagine how poor people are suffering in street without warm cloths. I read at news paper that some people have died due to this cold weather. As a human being, it’s our duty to help those poor people. We can give our old and unused warm clothes to those people who doesn’t have any worm cloths. If you don’t have old or warm cloths, you can give him some money so that they can buy a warm cloth.

This month, lowest temperature at Dhaka  was 8.4° Celsius [Source: Daily Sun, Issue: Jan 12, 2011]. I heard from the weather update that there will be another cold wave at the end of this month. If the temperature keeps falling, rate of death due to cold weather will keep raising. Help as much poor people as you can. And don’t forget to take care about yourself.


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