Flashback 2018 : Year of Patience

2018 is almost over. We now standing at the very last moments of year 2018. So naturally it’s time for me to reconcile my year plan and actual achievement. That means I will be reviewing the achievements of the resolutions I have prepared for 2018.

At the beginning of the year 2018, I have prepared 10 resolutions. Out of those 10 resolutions, 5 were continued from previous years and 5 year new for 2018. You can read them in my Blog New Year Resolution 2018.

1. Complete Continue career development:
I was trying to develop my career prospect for some times now. I tried to continue that in 2018 as well. In 2018, I have not received any promotion. I’m not upset about it. However, I received a salary raise as part of annual increment process. However, I have performed several responsibilities in addition to our regular office responsibilities. I hope to continue this in upcoming years.

2. Complete all degree requirements of ICMAB and ICAEW
In 2018 I planned to complete remaining exams of ICMAB and ICAEW. However, in 2018 I have not attended any exams of ICMAB. However, I have converted to new curriculum of ICMAB. After migrating to new syllabus, I have 4 subject remaining. That means I’m 4 subjects and a research paper away before I qualify from ICMAB.
On the other hand, I have completed all requirements of ICAEW by passing ICAEW Advanced level Case Study exams. I also have completed the Ethics Assessment and now currently awaiting for invitation for ICAEW membership.

3. Re-develop the reading habit.
It was my plan to complete reading all the books bought in 2016 & 2017. In 2018, I really read more books than 2017. But the reading habit is not constant. Although I have read around 10 books in 2018, I couldn’t finish all the books purchased in 2016 & 2017. Actually I couldn’t find them where I kept them. I read those books which I purchased/ received books as gifts in 2018. I’m planning to finish all the books which I have and partially read or have not started at all. By the way, if anyone wants to send me any gift, books will be highly preferable.

4. Travel at least 3 districts and 3 foreign countries.
In January 2018, I went for my honeymoon. I took my wife to Sri Lanka and Indonesia. I visited Colombo, Galle and Unawatuna of Sri Lanka. I visited Bali of Indonesia. In March, my wife and I visited Malaysia for a week. we visited Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya. That means we have visited 3 countries in total.
I also Have visited 3 districts of Bangladesh in 2018. First I went to Chittagong several times during the year for audit works and to visit my in-law’s house. Then I visited Sremangal with my team and had the Grand Tour. In December I visited my Aunt at Comilla with my family members. I revisited the places which I visited back in 2001/2002. It was really a walk in the memory lane.

5. Try to be a practicing Muslim and Read the Holy Quran at least.
I tried to be a practicing Muslim and recite holy Quran on regularly. Unfortunately, I miserably failed in this area. I seriously have to focus more on this area.

6. Be the master of own coins (mastering own financials management)
In 2017, I had several big expenditures mostly for my marriage. So I understood it will have a detrimental effect on my liquidity as well as in my overall financial assets. So I really need to manage my finances.It was really challenging. But the financial management has became smooth when I planned and budgeted the expenditures. Hopefully, I will be able to continue this practice and make best financial management.

7. Join a Gym and decrease weight
I’m a lazy person by nature. This is why loosing body weight remains unfulfilled resolution for several years. In 2018 was not exception. I again failed to achieve this resolution. However, I maintained my body weight and kept in stable. In fact my weight went down by 2 KG at the year end compared to the weight I had the beginning of the year.
Although I attempted twice but as of today I have not joined in any Gym. But I sure will in future. I have started to walk regular basis and currently have a target to walk 6,000 steps per day. I also decreased my calorie intake.

8. Focus on building strong professional and personal network.
As a professional accountant, I always focus on building strong professional and personal network. In 2018, I tried to continue this and will continue every year.

9. Publish at least 2 articles to any professional newsletter or journals.
It is my dream to publish articles in professional journals. I have selected two topics to write about. Unfortunately I couldn’t manage time to write the entire article and publish them in 2018. I still have plan to publish them but may be in 2019.

10. Identify business opportunity.
This seemed somewhat difficult. I identified several business opportunities but it is really difficult to focus on. First problem is allocating time. I remained super busy in 2018 and I really didn’t have time to think of other than my office work. As I couldn’t spare much time, I couldn’t drive into any business venture. Furthermore, as already mentioned, I tried to manage my finances this year, It was not possible for me to invest in any business. But may be in future.

Out of 10 resolutions, several of remains incomplete and some were done partially. I was able to complete only a handful of the resolutions. But progresses I have made in 2018 will help me a lot in future. I had to remain patient during the year and sort things out one by one. It was a year of slow but steady development.

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