Moments before, after and at kuakata…

It was decided that we eight friends, Murad, Sifat, Abid, Leu, Ricky,Yamin, Imran and I, are going on a tour at the end of December. After long discussion, we selected Kuakata as our destination of the tour. We were having trouble in setting the date for the tour. Later on we fixed the date but Ricky had to skip this tour because of his personal problem.

Our plan was to go Potuakhali first and then to Kuakata. We started for Kuakata at the afternoon of 31 December of 2010. Our launch, Sundarban-6, was supposed to start for potuakhali at 5:30pm  and reach at Potuakhali at 8 am of the following day. So we all got on board by 5 pm. Apart from Abid, Leu & I, this was the first launch journey for everyone. So the journey was full of excitement. Again, it was the new years eve. Of course we couldn’t celebrate the day like most of you but we celebrated in our own way. Also we enjoyed the winter night of the river. Though our launch was supposed to reach Potuakhali by 8 am but  we reached at 10 due to the deep fog. Then we went to Abid’s house, took some rest and then had our breakfast. Half an hour later we started for Kuakata by bus. After four hour journey, we reached at Kuakata at 3 pm. Then we checked in to “Jhinuk Dak Banglo” of Potuakhali Zila Porishodh. It took us nearly 24 hours to reach Kuakata from Dhaka.

Immediately after having lunch, we set out to see the beach. We passed the evening in the beach. During this time we made a deal with some boatmen to take us following day to the Fathrar Chor which is the starting point of Shundarban . During the night we roamed around the beach and looked for the restaurants.

Next day, after having breakfast we started for Fatrar chor.  It was really exciting to do a boat journey in the sea. It was even more exciting for Abid & me because we were actually controlling the boat.  Our boatman was just giving us direction. He worked as our guide.  It took us nearly half an hour to reach the fatrar chor. We spent around an hour in fatrar chor. It is really a nice place to visit. On our way back to the beach, we also got down in leburar chor.

When we returned to the beach, it was almost noon.  We got down little bit far from the main beach. There was no one around us. So we decided to  have some fun of our own at the beach and then take bath in the sea. Leu or someone else proposed to play football in the beach. We liked it so much that me sent Yamin and Imran to buy a plastic football. We played football about half an hour until our football was carried away by the tide. I swam after the ball but after few minutes I gave up. But, watching me swimming in the sea,  others also came forward.  We spent another half an hour in the sea and then headed back to the dak banglo. Rest of the day we stayed in our rooms. but at the night everyone except me went to the beach. In the mean time I slept like hell. I was so damn tired. Don’t know what they did afterward.

Following morning we hired 4 bikes to roam around the beach. We returned to our dak banglo at afternoon. In the mean time we visited the Buddha‘s temple, Gongamoti beach, Crab island and eco-park. We had a great time visiting those places. Also we had lots of photo sessions. I’m sure you guys have seen some of those in Facebook. After our lunch, we went to the Shutki polli (dryfish village).

When we returned to our room, we started talking about our return to Dhaka. None of us wanted to have another 24 hour journey. So after long discussion we planned to go Borishal first and then take bus. Of course launch was another option for us. But we couldn’t manage any cabin, so we had to choose the bus ride. It was 11:30pm when we reached Dhaka. And by 12am I was at my home.

After we returned to Dhaka, I started to miss the four days of our tour. It was the second time we had our own time. We were of out own and out of all sort of restrictions. This tour was totally different than our first tour at Sylhet. Apart from the 24 & 15 hours journey, we enjoyed every moments of the tour.  Sifat will leave the country in upcoming February. Don’t know when we will see him again. But we will sure miss him a lot. This tour to Kuakata will be our another great memory with Sifat. Moments that will help us to remember him.

[ To see more photos of Kuakata Tour please visit my flicker photostream ]


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  1. osomvob sondor kuakata somporkay apnat lekhatao cmotker. kichu jodi monay na koren, ami ki apnar kas thekay kuakata kisu chovi petay pari? ami sumudro khub valo bashi.

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