All information about studying CA in Bangladesh.

There are many students who are willing to study CA but don’t know any information about it. Many approached me for enrollment information in CA. So I thought it would be better if I put here for everyone.


CA is a professional degree in financial accounting. Here you have to understand the difference between academic and professional degree. Those who complete CA receives ACA degree initially and with time and following requirement, they become FCA. In Bangladesh, ACA degree is offered by Institution of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh (ICAB). There is two parts of CA study which have to be done simultaneously. First part is theoretical part and second part is practical part. In theoretical part, a student have to appear on exams on several papers depending on which level he is in. Under the current syllabus, there are 3 level containing total of 18 subjects. On other part, the practical part, a student have to undergo 2 to 4 years of practice as article student. Years of articleship depends on the academic level completed earlier. ICAB website is referred for details in this context.

Entry Requirement:

Entry requirement in CA is determined by ICAB is published in ICAB website. You can see the requirement in details in the this link (ENTRY REQUIREMENT). Students completing HSC or A level can also enroll in CA.

Joining in a CA Firm:

First step of becoming a CA is to join in a CA firm. In Bangladesh CA firms are registered with ICAB and these CA firms are categorized as A, B & C. A category firms are reputed, compliant and provides most benefits. It would be ideal to join in a A category firm. ICAB website contains a list of firms according to their category. Students can select firm from that list and start applying. CA firms will take admission test and based on  admission test result, they will invite to join as student. Once joined as student, next step is to will take registration under ICAB.

Student Registration:

Registration can be availed after probation period of the firm he/she has joined. Articleship starts from the date of registration. At the time of registration, a student have to enter in a tri-party contract. Three parties are student his/herself, the firm and ICAB. You have to pay BDT 30,000 to ICAB as registration fee.

Study and Exams:

A student can appear on exams of theoretical part after completing 10 months of articleship period. Exams are held two time a year during June and December. A student can sit for exams sessions after completing 10 months of  articleship. There are total 3 level in theoretical part. Knowledge level, Application level and advance level. Knowledge and Application level consist of 7 subject each where advance level has only  4 subjects. A student starts in knowledge level and after passing all 7 subjects of knowledge level they move to application level. It is to be noted that student can’t attend exams from two level in one session. At present student have 10 attempts to complete both knowledge level and  application level. For advance level students will get 6 attempts. Each session of exam is counted as an attempt whether a student appears in the exam or not. If levels are not completed within the mentioned number of attempts, all passes in that level will be nullified and student have to start over from the same level. Students don’t have to pass all 7 or 4 subjects at a time rather they can pass paper by paper.


there are no cost when student joins in a CA firm. However, student have to pay taka 30,000 at the time of registration in ICAB. there are no annual subscription fees. Student have to pay exam fee during each session in following manners taka 1300 per subject in knowledge level, taka 3000 per subject in application level and taka 5000 per subject except case study subject in advance level. Exam fee for case study is taka 10,000. Students have to pay for a one time coaching class in each level. Coaching class fee is added with registration fee for.knowledge level. However coaching class fee for application level is taka 15,000 and taka 15,000 for advance level except case study, taka 25,000 for advance stage case study.
In CA, not only students pays but students also get paid. CA firms pays there students allowances per month depending on their firm policy. however this amount can’t be less the amount determined by ICAB. At present ICAB have fixed allowance as tk 3,000 per month for first year student. tk 3,500 per month for second year student, tk 4,000 per month for third year student and tk 4,500 per month for fourth year students.

Achieving Degree:

When a student successfully completes articleship, he achieves CA(CC) title.  CA(CC) means CA course complete. It is earned even if no subject is passed in theoretical part. A student have to complete both practical part and theoretical part in order to pass CA course and achieve ACA degree. ACA means Associate Chartered Accountants and is a person who have successfully passed CA course. When a person become an ACA, he/she may apply for membership in ICAB.

I believe these are the basic information prospective students needs to know of they are interested in studying CA in Bangladesh. If any more information is required, you can leave comment or contact with ICAB for more details.


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  1. Dear Authority,
    I am Aonik Vottacharjee student of BBA (4th) yeat.I have a question that besides of CA may i a part of a job? which major(BBA)like Accounting, Finance or HRM is suitable for CA?
    Aonik vottacharjee

    1. No you can’t do both CA and a Job. Well at least for first 3 years. Because You have to work in a CA firm or 3 Years as Student. Students with Accounting Major will have some advantage but any major can study CA. CA has its own curriculum. If you can follow it, you will be able to pass.

    2. There are 7 courses in Knowledge level. Can I seat for 4 papers in june and for the remaining 3 papers in December?

      1. After your 3 year articleship, you can leave the firm whenever you want. But within the articled period it is difficult. If your firm agrees to give you ‘No Objection Certificate’ then you can leave the firm and join in another firm.

  2. vaia, I completed my bba from a normal private university but I have a dream for complete ca course with my mba. can i do this?plz tell me a simple process of entry into a ca course….I have to build my career in a strong way…..

    1. If you are studying evening mba, they you can join to any CA firm right now. if you are regulat mba student, you havr to finish mba first. this is because during day time you have to stay at ca firm or at audit client. to study ca, first you have to join in a ca firm and then get registered with ICAB with help from your ca firm.

        1. viya ami national university thake Master ses korsi, ami CA korte cai. but i live in Khulna and i don’t know how i apply for ca study and don’t know about ca firm. apni jodi amake help korten vlo hoto.

      1. I am doing my Graduation from Daffodil International University. I am doing double major (Finance & Accounting). In August my required course will be completed. Now I want to join in your firm in September for doing CA. Is it possible? My internship is incomplete.

        And i want to do my internship in a CA firm. Please inform me is it possible or not.

      2. Vaiya, a few months ago,the board members of ICAB came at our DU campus. they stated that, 6 of the courses will be exempted for the finance & acc. majors. is that announcement still applied? and, what is the yearly cost of studying CA?

        1. 1. If I pass 1 or 2 part of CA in Bangladesh, will there be any chance of getting a job in abroad by showing this local CA certificate ?
          2. What is the exact pass mark of each subject ?

  3. Assalam alaikum
    Vaia I’ve completed my MBA in AIS. Now I would like to get enroll for CA. I live in sylhet and is there any firm in Sylhet where I can join or should I have to move to Dhaka for that? & another question is what is the procedure to join CA firm, I mean is it like any other hiring or selection procedure (written test & interview)? Please help me with these queries

    1. I am not sure if there is any CA firm in Sylhet. If there is you can join in there. You can live and study CA in Sylhet if you can join in any CA firm in Sylhet. However, you have to enroll either from Dhaka or from Chittagong. You have to attend classes in either of these cities for three months. Also you have to appear exams which will be held in Dhaka or Chittagong. Exam are hold in one week. So for class purpose, you have to visit dhaka for 3 month and for exam purpose you have to visit for 1 week. Apart from these, you can stay and study at sylhet. But only if you can find a CA firm in Sylhet.

  4. Please give me undergraduates CA firm list because maximum CA Firm don’t take undergraduates student…… Plz, sir,

  5. Which firm is best for me ???
    my results are given below –
    1.ssc (Business studies)-4.81
    2.Hsc (Business studies)-5.00
    3.BBA (Accounting)-3.25

  6. salam, i am undergraduate now i want to ask can i apply for CA in ICB ? And i have 4.69 in S.S.C and 4.80 in H.S.C(commerce) can i be the required student of ICB? about 3 years passed i have complete my hsc will it possible now to apply for CA?how will it cost total?kindly if you inform me it wiil good for me.


      1. Not really. You have to complete your Graduation first. Even if you get admitted through your SSC & HSC result, you can’t attend firm for your classes. besides both your CA & BBA study will suffer.

  7. I am now graduate, completing BBA major in finance. now I want to study CA. please tell me the procedure to admit in a CA firm.
    Thank you

    1. Submit your CV to the audit firms. Its just like applying for a job. only exception is that ca firms don’t adcertise an opening. It is better to choose a ca firm and pass your cv through a reference related with that ca firm.

  8. I have 2 question,
    01. How many time will i have to pass in CA firm everyday ?
    02. If i want to get CA degree and want to admit ICAB ? Then what should i do first? Need ca firm recommendation ? Or without any recommendation i will be able to admit ICAB fro getting CA degree?
    Ans please…………….

      1. বাংলাদেশের CA Firm গুলো কি ব্রিটিশ ভার্সন , চাকরির দিকে কেমন সুবিধা পাওয়া যায়

          1. My Daughter pass SSC 2017 4.95 & H.SC 2019 point 4.75 total points 9.70 can admit CA?

  9. ভাইয়া এইচএসসি পাস করার পর কি CA firm ভর্তি হওয়া যায়

      1. এইচএসসি তে কত পয়েন্ট হলে আমি CA পড়তে পারব

  10. Articleship period e ki certificate deya hoi?Jodi deya hoi eta diye kon typer job pawa possible r salary kemon note pare? Ans ta amk janale kub kritoggo thakbo

      1. assalamu alykum… vayya
        amr ssc… . . 3.25 science
        hsc……3.60 bussiness studies
        and bbs degree pass… 2nd class…. amr khub issa ase ca course korar… ami ki ca te apply korte parbo… r pls amk bolben apply kotai korle valo hote pare???

    1. if you have total of 6 points from ssc, hsc and bba you are eligible to study CA. however required cgpa to join in a firm varies firm to firm. I think if you have cgpa over 3, you will get preference.

  11. vaiya which is better CA degree or CMA ???? plz give a suggestion i m so confused….and nw i m BBA a last semester and goind foe intern ship now where i have to go for intern ship any CA firm or Bank????

    1. if you are interested to study CA, I would suggest to do intern at a CA firm. this way you will get a cleat understanding of CA and be able to join in CA firm easily.

      1. vaiya akjon CA pora student ACNABIN ar ……he suggested me that u take thesis & 3 month u study hard & soul 4 CA registration exam……If u go 4 internship on a CA firm u get ur registration after 11 month cz tara intership period ta dhore na……abr new kore registration kora lage…..& thn u will frustrated………… korbo vaiya?????????? nw ami aro confused hoiye gelam……plz give a good suggestion…………………….

        1. Onek firm e internship period kei articleship hishebe dhore. Thesis is not that important for getting into CA. You don’t have to appear on exams for registration. You don’t have to study for that. However you should start studying for the first level. That might help you in the admission test in CA firms.

  12. vaia i am interested to read ca & i want to read the top firm of ours.i passed my hsc recently….then tell me where should i go?

      1. your article period will be 3 years starting from the day of registration with icab. there is no circular. you have just have to apply to CA firms like you apply for jobs.

      1. সি এ পড়ার জন্য মাধ্যমিক এবং উচ্চমাধ্যমিক উভয় রেজাল্ট কি থাকা আবশ্যক???

  13. hello there , I am a regular student of Textile Engineering of 2nd year . i wish to start my CA ………….. is that possible evr to continue both ?? please help me with your opinion/information .thanks for a patient reading ……..

  14. hello dear
    I have got 3.44 in SSC and 4.40 in HSC and got 3.75 in BBA from accounting can I get myself admitted in a grade ca firm in Chittagong

  15. ভাইয়া CA complete করতে কত বছর লাগে?
    CA complete করলেই কি job পাওয়া যায়?
    total CA complete করতে কত টাকা লাগে?
    science group এর student রা কি CA পড়তে পারে?

    1. Please read the blog for CA related Info. You will get a good job if you can qualify as Chartered Accountants (Full CA). You will still get a better preference if in job market if you have a 3 year experience (Articleship) in CA firm. Science student can study CA too.

  16. brother, i completed S.S.C with GPA 5.00, H.S.C with GPA 5.00 both in commerce section, BBA (Major in Finance) with 3.60 from National University….. now doing job in a private sector in Finance & Accounts sector as an executive, i almost gathered one year working experience…can i get admission in ICAB with this job…..(Note: is there any benefit for job holder, who are related with accounts sectored job…& that’s why they don’t need to be get a admission from a CA firm to get registration from ICAB,………can they consider this accounts sectioned job as CA Firm)

  17. Sir. My SSC (Business studies) 3.69 HSC(Business studies)3.30 and BBA(Finance)3.64 can I admission a CA firm for CA? please inform me.

  18. please inform me about the total cost of getting CA degree.I am a student of marketing department that’s why I would be able to do CA

  19. hello.. i’m hsc passed student with gpa 5 from b studies group.. n madly interested to join in CA.. so what i have to do? is there any possibility to join ca after hsc? if please ensure me the ca circular in this year.. thank u.

  20. ভাই আমি HSC pass করেছি। আমার GPA-4.83 আর SSC(5.00)। আমি science থেকে pass করেছি। ভাই আমি কি CA firm এ apply করতে পারব??? যেহেতু আমি science এর student, সেহেতু কি ধরনের সমস্যা আমকে face করতে হবে???

  21. sir u have written in ur blog that a student have to start with practical part,if it is, how much time it will take for completing the practical part and gaining cc complete title, if a student starts after completing BBA. You have written that a student will get cc title even if he is not able to passed in any exam in theoretical part,is it means that he has to attend in all level of theoretical part(knowledge.application and advance)? if it is not,what is the original rules.
    PLS solve my confusions!!!

  22. vaia amr hsc 4.17 ssc 4.94 from science. ami ki graduation shesh kore CA porte parbo? R amr friend er Underdraduate requirment completed.. shey ki Graduation korakalin shomoye CA porte parbe? orthat kono CA firm e admit hore parbe ?

      1. Sir, i have completed B. S. S. With cgpa 2.76,S.S.C 3.06 SCIENCE 2010, H.S.C BUSINESS STUDIES 3.00 CAN I apply for c a?

  23. Brother, I have completed my masters degree (major Accounting) from national university with 1st class. I have been serving as an assistant accounts officer in a private company since three years. I have a dream complete CA course. But job is essential for my economical solvency, can I complete CA besides the Job,

    Please suggest me………..

  24. asalamu alykum.
    vayya,, amr ssc 3. 25 science
    hsc.. 3.60 business studies
    and bbs degree 2 nd class… ami ki ca apply korte parbo…. r kotai apply korte parbo pls amk janaben… korte parle kmn catagoryte parbo bolben pls…

    1. vayya,, apni yesterday amk ans diyesen je amr totale 7 point lagbe.. amr ssc & hsc total ase 6 .85 r degree te ase 2nd class… tahole to amr 7 point hosse na… 2nd class take ki kono point hisebe dhora hobe… pls bolben..

    1. thx a lot brother…. kisu question ask korlam vayya apnake. pls ans korben… 1. ca korte ki kono versity theke korte hobe na kono firm a …pls kindly aktu details bolle valo hoi?? pls ans
      2. ai courser jonno kmn cost porte pare? apnader uporer poste dakesi.. sekhane subject kore cost hisab daya royese… jodi apni total cost diten tahole ami khub helpfulness hotam? pls ans
      3. amr resulter upor ami kon level a admission hote parbo?? pls ans admit…. er jonno privat or public er kisu adress amk pls bolben??
      jani vayya ato question ask korar karone apnar hoi to nijer kase boring fell lagse.. bt amr khubei janar darker tai ato kisu ask korlam.. pls help me??

  25. vaiya i have recently passed my hsc exam…ami akhn ca te porte cacchi…vaiya ca porar jonno ki kno admission dite hoy or any interview….???dhakar kothay ami ca porte parbo…plz suggest…i m from science..akhn amr jonno ca pora ta ki better hobe….???science theke porle ki kno prob hoi?????

    1. If you fulfill relevant entry criteria set by ICAB, you can get into CA. First you have to join in a CA firm. It’s like getting a job in a CA firm. For more details read the blog again. As you are from Science background, it is very much crucial to understand the basic accounting concepts and their application in real world.

      1. এখানে কি CA এর চার বছরের খরচ এর কথা বলা আছে?নাকি ২য় বছর নতুন করে কোন খরচ লাগবে?আর চার বছরেই কি মোট ১৮ টা subject?

  26. vayya, , amk aktu help koren pls?
    CMA course ta koto yearer r kmn cost hote pare… pls ans vayya… jodio apni ca er information dan.. tai apnar jana thakle pls help korben??

  27. bhaiya, amr 3rd year ei December e complete hobe(Dhaka University)..amr SSC & HSC commerce background bt ekn ami arts faculty te asi……so ei dik teke ekn amr jnno CA naki CMA better hobe decision nite parsi na…..ami chacchi ei January te join krbo….Bt kon ta krbo kisu ii buje utte parsi na..pls bhaiya Jodi aktu direction diten kubbb ii upokrito hobo….Shohag/DU.

    1. Arts theke commerce er subject gula te student ashe khub kom. CA ba CMA dutai kintu tar jonno tough. CMA er bepare jani na but CA te arts theke esheo koyek jon CA hoise. CA korben na CMA korben ta apnar upor depend korbe. aro khoj khobor niye decision nin.

  28. vaiya.. ami inter finish korchi… so now CA korta chacchi… akhon kora ta ki thik hba? naki BBA programm er por kora valo hba?

    1. Vaiya ami SSC te GPA 3.56 , HSC te GPA 3.40 & BBS(pass). theke 1’st class peyechi. ami ki CA/MBA korte parbo? konta better hobey? MBA hole kothay theke better hobey?

  29. Dear,
    According to my best knowledge I know that after passing hsc if I want to study in CA I have to have the GPA Point 4 & 5 either hsc or ssc. But I have 4.88(ssc) & 4.75 (hsc). So now can I apply for studying CA. Pls let me know.

  30. I will complete BBA(management) april 2015 in national university. amer GPA SSC(4.13)hsc(4.60).amer BBA er CGPA 3 above thakbe..amer BBA first year a accounting a D paise.akon ami CA korte sai.accounting a D payer karon CA vorte nete kono problem hobe kina amr.details janale onek upkito hobo.

  31. ami hsc complete krc.ssc,hsc gpa 5.00. titumir college e finance e vorti hoice. etar 7a CA o korta cacce. eta psbl kina? psbl hla o kto ta tough hb.

    1. when you are studying CA, you have to work for firm. you might not get time to study at college. However, you may give it a try if you think you are able to handle stress and study pressure.

  32. Bhaiya Ami akhon hsc 1st year a porsi, SSC te amar GPA 3.72 hoyese…. Ami ki CA porte parbo ai point niya???? r CA porte gele ki BBA pora lagbe????

  33. Bhaiya Ami akhon hsc 1st year a porsi, SSC te amar GPA 3.72 hoyese…. Ami ki CA porte parbo ai point niya???? r CA porte gele ki BBA pora lagbe???? R koto year lagbe CA course sesh korte????

  34. vayya.. assalamu alykum…
    vayya apnar kase ami aktu advise cassi… pls amk aktu advise diben…
    ami vayya 3 years degree koresi commarce theke kintu ami akon ki korbo.. asole degree te to temon value nai tai akon kon degree nile aktu value pawa jete pare… amr aktu good jaygai jawar issa ase… tai apnar kase advise cassi… asole vayya amr dik theke ami vabsi je masters kore ki kono akta valo private versity theke mba kore nebo na sora sori cma te votti hobo… r pasa pasi akta job kora jorori… jober pasa pasi ki course kora jete pare… future a te jate akta valo job asa kora jai… pls vayya apnar dik theke apni aktu advise diben asa korsi apnar kas theke….

    1. You may try for MBA or CMA beside your jobs. You will not be able to go for CA if you have a job as you have to work full time in CA firm. From you current position, i think CMA or Chartered secretary would be a good option.

  35. After passing both ssc and hsc from science backgroud with Gpa 5.00 in those two stages now I’m interested to gor for CA with full of dedication.Btw I’m afraid because of my science background.So can u please suggest me will it be possible for me to complete CA course??
    what typ of problem can be faced for it??
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  36. Hello,
    Firstly, thank you so much for the amazing article. It answers almost every question that a prospective CA student has, and clears a lot of confusion.

    However, I have an unanswered question: is there any fixed marking criteria for passing each paper? Or does it depend from session to session?

    1. Reason I haven’t answered to that question because this is not a beginner question. Anyway for your information there is no standard pass mark for CA. It is determined by the difficulty of exam question. However, there is standard practice for all professional institution that if you can score 50% of questions (not 50 marks out of 100) correctly, you are more likely to pass the exam.

  37. Assalamualikum Vaiya,

    SSC – GPA : 3.56 (Science – 2004 – Comilla Board)
    HSC – GPA : 4.70 (Accounting_BM – 2009 – Technical Board)
    BBA – CGPA : 3.02 (Accounting – 2013 held in 2015 – National University)

    Ami CA korte parbo ki na. Amar CA korar iccha, tai onek’gulo firm e CV joma deace kentu kono firm theke call kore ne. Koekta firm e khobor ne jenece tara exam nea neaca, but call ekta thekeo pai ne…….

    ki korte pare vai ?

  38. Assalamualaicum,
    I have completed my SSC & HSC in 2012 and 2014 respestively with GPA-5 both. Now I’m in department of history in Dhaka university at 1st year. As i’m from business studies background i don’t feel interest in History at all. If i fully concentrate on CA and passed within 4-5 years, how it would be? Without graduation & postgraduation, may i reached in good position only through CA?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Yes you can….but you have to work very hard…..because if you can’t pass CA, your qualification will be just HSC passed. If you don’t like history, i think its better to start CA. Also you can try for ACCA. by doing so, you can do B.Sc and ACCA. Or you can just stick to CA and try harder. If you pass CA, you will get a good job for sure.

      1. Thanks a bunch for previous reply.I appreciate it highly. Through ACCA i can obtain B.Sc in Accountancy from Brookes university,London. Right? I have tried for IBA-BBA this year of JU & selected for viva-voce.But final selection didn’t come to my side.As i also have a dream to study in IBA. Is it possible to apply MBA admission test over this B.Sc certificate ( Brookes university )
        Please help me to decide as i’m thinking about me too late to start my study again.

      2. Thanks a bunch for previous reply.I appreciate it highly. Through ACCA i can obtain B.Sc in Accountancy from Brookes university,London. Right? I have tried for IBA-BBA this year of JU & selected for viva-voce.But final selection didn’t come to my side.As i also have a dream to study in IBA. Is it possible to apply MBA admission test over this B.Sc certificate ( Brookes university )
        Please help me to decide as i’m thinking about me too late to start my study again.

      3. vaia, ACCA bisoye aktu details bolben plz? ami suneci ssc / hsc pass kore ACCA te porar jonno hoy BBA complete kore nite hoy ar ta na hole SSC/HSC er por CAT course kore tarpor ACCA te vorti hote hoy.ami akta meye. ami SSC pass koreci 2014 te. GPA 5 cilo. aibar HSC dicci. ami vobissote CA hote cai. akjonke jiggasa koray se amay bolce je ami jehetu meye tai amamar CAT kore ACCA te apply kora valo hobe karon ete somoy kom lagbe. CAT korte 2 bocor ar ACCA te 4 bocor pore ber houar por naki kub valo salary ontoto 50000 per month ar sonmanjonok post e job pabo. ar American kono university er theke certificate o pabo. ja kina kubi sonmanjonok. ai kotha gula ki thik?

        1. Apnar proshner uttor ektu boro hobe. So kindly dhorjo dhore porben.
          ACCA ar CA dutai professional degree. Dutai HSC er por admit howa jay. Bachelor degree na thakle direct ACCA te admission neye jay na. So CAT kore admission nite hoy. CAT e basically ekdom basic jinish shekhabe jegula apno BBA te parten. ACCA er kichu requirement follow korle apni Oxford Brooks University theke ekta Bachelor’s degree paben applied accounting er upor. But eta optional. Apni chaile kichu taka pay kore alada kichu research paper submit korle oi degree ta paben. Ekhane ekta kotha bole rakhi 2 year e CAT ar 4 years e ACCA korte parben eta ashole thik na. Jotodin apni pass na korben totodin apnake porte hobe. CA teo same. jodio oneke bole CA 3 bochorer course ashole oita 3 bochor firm e thakar contract. CA pass korar jonno oneker 10 year lage karo 3 year lage karo 5 years lage. Again vary kore apanar performance er upor. ACCA korle apnar ekta becelor paben ar stable ekta salary paben. eta ashole jekono professional degree er jonno true. Ekta professional degree thakle apnar value bere jabe.

          Ekhon ACCA niye kichu negetive kotha boli. ACCA korle apanr practical experience thakbe na jeta chakrir bajare khub demand thakbe. ACCA er member chara chakri pawa ektu difficult. Ar ACCA member hote hole apnake 3 years er experience lagbe. Tachara ACCA er expense CA er theke onek beshi expensive. Ar Bangladesh e ACCA theke CA der demand beshi. Apni jodi desher baire jete chan tahole ACCA better.

          Ebar CA niye kichu boli. HSC er por CA te ashle apnake 4 years CA firm e thakte hobe. Apni jodi CA pass kore jan apni automatic CA er member hoye jaben. In that case apnar salary o onek barbe. Ekjono general ACCA er cheyeo beshi. But ekhane ekta problem hoche je apni ACCA er moto kono bachelor degree er option paben na. Thobe ekta kotha boli sheta hoche ACCA ar CA er porashuna almost same jinish.

  39. Brother I’ve completed my ssc and hsc. now I want to study CA. but I’ve come to know that without being a graduate being ACA will not be valued much in job market. is it true??
    I’ll we be so benefited if u let me know that how much better future can I have if I be only ACA without being graduate.

    1. Brother, lets say someone have a home and a car and someone else has only a car. Who is better? the one who have both. Difference comes when you compare with others. If you have more qualification, you will be valued more. If you have less, you will be valued less. If you are a ACA, you will be treated as an ACA. Not as an BBA or MBA holder. If you have both BBA and ACA, your value logically be more than someone who is ACA but without BBA. But your value will be more than anyone who don’t have ACA.

      1. ho re vai hsc ar pore ca korte to bora hoite hoy r bba ,mba korar por korte to r sadi korte hobe na. . .mane bese khaite gea pore kom ar khoj pabe na.

  40. please tell me that in any case is 3rd class in graduation considerable ? though it’s on entry criteria but I want to know is there any chance

  41. Assalamualikum Vaiya,

    SSC – GPA : 3.56 (Science – 2004 – Comilla Board)
    HSC – GPA : 4.70 (Accounting_BM – 2009 – Technical Board)
    BBA – CGPA : 3.02 (Accounting – 2013 held in 2015 – National University)

    Ami CA korte parbo ki na. Amar CA korar iccha, tai onek’gulo firm e CV joma deace kentu kono firm theke call kore ne. Koekta firm e khobor ne jenece tara exam nea neaca, but call ekta thekeo pai ne…….

    ki korte pare vai ?

    1. Sir I have got 3.63 in SSC as an irregular student,And 4.30 in HSC and doing my BBA in Finance with 3.38 grade point, After completing my BBA, is I m able to admit a CA firm for doing CA course???

  42. bro ami ssc te gpa 5 (2014).abr hsc dibo.amr aim ca kora.amr ki hsc te o ki gpa 5 lagbe ca porte.r ca complete korte minimum koto year full course ses korte koto cost lagbe.

  43. I have completed my graduation (BBA) in management. so what’s way I can join in CA. Please inform me what can I do at this moment. this is mine 01719197686/ 01981114441

  44. vaia. CA Firm a join korle ki kono monthly salary deoa hoy .
    I found some where that monthly about 20k salary deoa hoy.
    is it tru e
    aktu details janan plz…

  45. After completing CA (CC) course complete ( not ACA) , a candidate what can expect , I mean
    @what post at job market
    @how much salary/income
    @what will be career graph

    What will be better for long term condition for smooth career grouth
    # you have all 3 experience so I think you can help us to choose the distinct path.

    1. with only CC, you can expect post of executive. but with experience, you can be assistant manager or manager. Salary depends on where you apply and how you can sell yourself. Only CC doesn’t add that much value. But it will be valued more than people without any CC. MBA has become an general degree. So go for professional degree like CMA or CA. CA has some restrictions. If you can’t fit in those restrictions, try CMA.

  46. vaia, amar HSC=5 SSS=5, Scince background. CA korte cai. ekhane ki Admission exm dite hobe? next kobe apply korte parbo ?

  47. 1. How much is it important to get into a renowned firm rather than to pass the whole programme under any firm?

    2. I’m finishing my graduation with just under CGPA 3.50 or just over it depending on my last
    semester result from AIS dept., DU.
    Is it worthy of getting into a better firm?

    1. Think like passing SSC from a good school rather than form a less renowned school. Outcome is the same. But passing from renowned firm gives you more network and image. Your result is good enough to get into a good firm.

  48. Hi Bro,,, apnader akhane bola hoyese je CA ar 2 ta part ache,,, akta holo theoritical r arek ta holo practical,,, A question ta holo, ami jodi just theory part ta complete kori tahole ami ki CA ar kunu degree sesh korte parlam or ami ki nijeke CA or onno kichu bolte parbo,,, Please bro let me know…. Thanks…

  49. HSC er por CA te 4year course and Honour’s korar por CA te 3years course…2tar certificate er value ki ekoi???HSC er por CA complete korle ACA bola hoy but Honour’s korar por CA krle take ki bole??

  50. Hello Dear,
    I have completed my in engineering also I am doing my MBA major in AIS.
    Now my question, Is there any possibility for me to do CA?
    Another one, How can this MBA degree help me to do better in my carrier?


  51. I passed HSC exam 2013 and study BBA….now I want to Attend CA program in ICAB……can I attend this program beside BBA…and I also heard that After complete HSc a student can admit directly…so can I get this this opportunity……please give me you valuable suggestion…….

  52. Vaia,
    Amar SSC result-4:38 from Business Studies and HSC-4:40 from Business Studies. Ami ekhon BBS(Bachelor of Business Studies) pass course er 3rd year a porchi. BBS 1st and 2nd year 1st division chilo. Insha Allah eibar o 1st division asbe. Ami CA porte interested. And 3rd year final exam er por ‘A grade’ er CA firm-e apply korbo vabchi. Ekhon ami ki ‘A Grade’ er firm a apply korte parbo kina r oneke bolche j Masters chara CA er value kom. Asole kotha ta kototuku sotti? Karon ami jodi CA te admission niye thaki tahole toh Masters porar opportunity thakbena. Karon amake toh full time CA firm a kaj korte hobe.

      1. brother , I don’t understand the entry criteria in ICAB website. what is saying they are . please u tell me yes or not

    1. For SSC result you will get 3 point. For HSC you will get 3 point and for Honors, you will get another 2 point. So total is 8 point. ICAB needs 7 points. So you can get admitted to CA.

  53. My ssc gpa is 4.63 and HSC gpa is 4.90.Now I am in 4th yeat. My major subject is Management. I want to get CA from A level firm.Now I want to know how much cost will appear for completing CA course? The firms take subject basis fees. But I don’t know about the total cost of that course. Can you inform me about that please?

    1. First, Firms do not take exams. You have to appear exam organized by ICAB. Your exam fee is based on exam papers. In firm you will get work experience and get some honorarium. Second, Cost will depend of your performance. CA cost is mostly exam fees. So number of time you fail, your cost becomes high. But if you perform well, your total cost would be around 2 lakh.

  54. I have completed my 12th hsc from indian board amd i scored 69%. I did my bcom too from indian university scoring 53%. Am i eligible for doing CA in bangladesh? If so how many years will it take?
    Thank you

    1. You can. But you will need a equivalency certificate from UGC for your Higher Secondary and Undergrad. If you can manage equivalency certificate, you will have 3 years of articleship (training period). Years to complete CA will depend on your motivation and dedication. There is no time bound to complete CA.

  55. my GPA
    SSC 3.75
    HSC 4.80
    BBA 3.50(Banking & Insurance)
    this criteria are eligible to become a CA.
    this is my asked.plz answered me.

        1. when you apply for exam you have to pay fee. If you fail, you have to apply again for your exam. then you have to pay fee. The more you fail, the more is the cost. If you perform well and pass quickly, you have to pay less.

  56. sir, is CA suitable for a girl’s?
    if a girl who just pass HSC want to complete CA then how much time she need to complete CA? and how much money she need to complete CA?
    and what she have to do?

    1. Yeah sadia no question about it. if u can complete it well i think there is a lots of valuation for that.It doesn’t matter boy or girl. Now i am completing ca professional course and learning lots of better thinks that i am learning from my lesson. And i know that it does not expensive. But you have to study loot. you have to maintain a firm where u have to attend and have to give time as job.

      1. firm a koto ghanta somoy dite hoy? ekjan ca ke Protidin koto ghanta somoy dite hoy kaje ektu janaben plz.. ekjan Honours pass kora studenter kono facility ace ki?

  57. i just started cc and trying to start my study from today… but it is so much difficult to understand the manuals by myself without coaching. i want to start coaching from now. can u suggest me private coaching centre where i can study from 7 pm? and it should be located between my home and the firm. my firm’s location is bijoy nagar and my home is at uttar badda.

  58. Amer SSC-4.13, HSC-3.80 & BBS beachelor degree 2nd Class (Mark-708). now I am study continue to MBS final in accounting subject ,,,,,,,, ami ki ca korte parbu? jdi korte pari r kono year fail na kori,, taile amount kotu lagbe plz janaben.

  59. Ca univercity ki public institute?naki privet institute?atate vorti hower jonno admission test kivabe dite hobe?

    1. Apply for No Objection Certificate (NOC) from your current firm. Join in a separate firm. Make another articleship contract again but use the NOC to adjust the reminder period of time. Firm you are joining will help you to transfer articalship.

  60. My SSC 3.69 HSC 3.10 I have completed degree 3 years course under national university and achieved second division nowadays I m doing masters on accounting maybe next year it will be finished . Will I get chance to do CA ? if I get this opportunity should I start now or after masters ?

  61. ssc-4.81 & hsc-4.70.I am sudy now BBA 2nd year.How I get point to exam BBA and I admit CA.plz ans….

  62. my deparment accounting (national university).now brother you told me , how I attentive subjects at this time.

    How skill in English(speak&learn).

  63. bhaia amr S.S.C resut GPA.5.00 HSC. GPA.5.00 BBA. CGPA. 3.82 from private university, jodi Ami akhon CA. porte chai tahole total fees approximately koto lagte pare. Is it about to 2lack or more.Ami uporer lekha theke clear noi.plz. bolben ki?

    1. Apu expense of CA study depends on how quickly you pass. if you can pass quickly, total expenses will be less than 2 lakhs. But initially you have to expend around 35 thousands for admission purpose (when you get registered with ICAB).

    1. Pass rate actually accurately bola jabe na because keu keu exam dey 2/1 ta subject pass korar jonno ar keu 7/4 ta pass korar jonno. But what I can say that each year around 50 person passes the final (3rd) level and this number is increasing each year. But this should not be the motivating or demotivating factor for you.What you should consider is the your dedication to be a CA. Path to the CA is not easy one but it is necessary to be a CA.

  64. sir,
    Uporer post ta porlam….necessary information janlam……bt kichu jinis janar chilo as suggestion….
    Amr SSC gpa 5…. In Sha Allah jdi HSc gpa 5 ase and ami jdi public kono varisty theke graduation na kre CA k prefer kri tahole decision.ta kmn hbe….I mean ami futher job market e struggle.krte parbo ??….and jara graduation por CA kre tader sathe job market e ki amar kono comparison hbe ??… coz CA to ekta alada professional degree…… CA cmplt krar por o graduation na thkle ki amake kichu nia suffer krte hbe …I mean job market…salary range etc etc…..
    naki ami hsc er por CA valovabe complt krte parle jara graduation por kore oder sathe same level e thkte parbo ???’…
    plzzz apnar kichu suggestion cai….coz ami ai jinista fix krte partesi na….so apnr suggestion onkk hlpful hbe ….
    Thank You 🙂

  65. Vaiya
    Amar SSC GPA 5 HSC GPA 5 abong private university theke civil engineering complete koresi CGPA 3.35 background science
    Ami ki CA porte parbo? Please amake janben.

  66. bro ami SSC ta 4.50 ar hsc ta 4.90 paisi… akhon degree ta 1st year ses korLam…3.10 result assa…..ami ki akhon E CA ta admitt hoita parbo…na degree ses kora admitt hota hoba….????

  67. Sir, is it possible to continue B.Com/BBA(national University) and CA at time after hsc ????? and how difficult its going to be if anyone persure this hope ??

  68. vaiya,
    ami inter 1st year r science r student . in future i want to study on CA so from now on what should i do first. i have taken biology as my 4th subject but still i have time to take accounting as my 4th subject. What should i do now ? . plz help me to figure it out.

    1. If you are dedicated to study CA, taking accounting as fourth subject would help you to understand the basic concept of accounting. It will also help you in your BBA/Bachelors degree.

  69. vaiya amar SSC te gpa 5.00 and HSC te 4.67.ami Banking and Insurance e bba korteci.amar CA porar khub iccha. ami ki bba complete korar por CA korte parbo ? vaiya kindly ektu ans diye help koren.

  70. Ame CA pora kalin kI onno kotho job korta parbo. Naki full CA complete korta hoba..
    CA r bitor CA frim cara onno kotho job korta parbo naki.
    Plz janaban

    1. সিএ ফার্ম এ ৩ বছরের কন্টাক্ট। এই সময় অন্য কোন চাকুরী করা সম্ভব না। ৩ বছর পর ফার্ম ছেড়ে অন্য যেকোন যায়গায় চাকুরী করা সম্ভব।

  71. vai im little bit confused about 1st admission ar jonno Firm A CV send korta hoba then Firm ar admission test attend korta hoba then Article ship contract then ICAB Registration tahola ICAB ja coaching class hoy ota kadar ..
    and CV ta ki Cover letter add korta hoba &Application for ….(kisar jonno Article ship naki Admission) ar Firm gia Cv dia asta gala ki documents ar copy lagba & at Cv ki send ja kono somoy kora jay naki session onujai..basa aktu dura tai ICAB ta jata hola ba Firm A gala Preparation nia jatahoba..anyway thanks for Information u shared above ..

    1. Apply to CA firms for admission. Once you are admitted in a CA firm, you will apply for registration to ICAB. No need to have a cover letter while applying in CA firm. Just drop your CV at Firm or forward it by the reference persons.

  72. * Which countries gives authorization or values of Bangladeshi “CA” except Bangladesh ?
    * How much possibilities are there to get a job abroad(Usa, UK, Europe etc) as a BD qualified chartered accountant ?

  73. how much ca firms pay to the chartered accountants on average? are the provided materials by ICAB enough or do i need to study more than the provided materials? do the job depend on just passing ca exams or on grades obtained in ca exams? are there any built standards on which the passing decision depend?

  74. what is the compensation amount after articleship? i meant to say, how much i will be paid while doing job for ca firms?

  75. I m totally unwise about this topic…..If I completed everything….and become a member of ICAB,then what…..What will be my position after having a membership…..what will I do after that??????

  76. I’m doing bss in economics, but after completing my bss, I want to do CA course. So, what will be the duration of CA course after completing my honors?

  77. amar hsc complete
    ami cacchi direct CA korte
    BBA korte cacchi na
    mane CA course jodi complete korte na pari tahole BBA korbo
    eta kora ki thik hobe?
    R totally koto year lagbe CA Course Complete korte one attempt e na parle?

    1. Salary is determined how well you can sell yourself. So there is no fixed amount. Salary also increases over time with experience. If you want to be a partner, you have to be a Chartered Accountant first with sufficient knowledge and experience.

  78. CA naki CMA? kon course ta job korar pasapasi kora jabe? jeyta kora jabe..setay korbo? karon financially prblm ace vay family te…plz aktu bolen

  79. vai ami ca korta chay job sector a kmn demand ami bba korche but vlo university taka korta pari ni ca sas korta parla amar job sector a kmn demand takba please vai aktu janaban

    1. You will have huge demand if you can qualify as Chartered Accountant. However, if you can not qualify ass CA but completed 1 or 2 levels, you still will have good demand. But if your can’t pass any level or any subjects, you will not get that much demand. But you still get preference over others who have no articled-ship experience. Amount of salary is determined by how well you can sell yourself.

  80. I am soon complete my BBA (major accounting).I am willing to complete CA. Have any firm in sylhet….Have any help desk in sylhet for clearing concept….How can I admit in Dhaka,,, What is the requirement or qualify after BBA maximum they want….if cgpa…. how much it?

    1. Please Visit ICAB website form firm information and search if there is any firm in Sylhet. I believe there are. But it would be better if you study CA from Dhaka. Accessibility of resources and help will be lot easier.
      There is no help desk of ICAB in sylhet.
      If you want to admit in Dhaka, Apply for articleship in CA firms in Dhaka. If you have passed BBA, your article period will be for 3 years. Your past reults (SSC, HSC & BBA) will be counted as part of entry requirement.

  81. vaia ami jodi CA ba CMA kori tahol ki ami study korta aborad a jata chay tahola ki ata ki amaka helo korba visa pata please vai janaban

  82. Sir my BBA honours result 2.87 i submit my CV many ca firm.But i didn’t get any call for exam. I always waiting for call. Sir I always dream to be a chartered accounts. Plz sir can you help me for admitted a ca firm?.. plz sir my contract no. 01717789962

  83. ami management aaa honers krtasi..ami ki CA krta parbo..And CA korar jnno Honers complete korar por amk ki ki korta hobe…aktu details bolta parla amr jnno khub upokar hoi…I am very thinking about it.

  84. How many days a student can take leave before their examination?
    Is there any law by ICAB for taking leave by student from firm?

  85. To be a chartered accountant is my dream and my target. I am also curious about it. I am a student of class 10, border guard public school & college,Sylhet . I also wanted to study CA . How many subject are there for study CA ? I wanna complete it after HSC, so that what should I do ?

  86. Hello brother,
    which degree is best between CA and ACCA?
    I mean which one is very profitable? Will you please tell me? I’m confused.
    Thanks in advance.

  87. Hello sir i am currently doing my BBA at North South University I want to know how can i continue my theoretical part of CA if I start my articleship in a CA firm?? Do the CA firms provide theoretical classes or tutions??

  88. vaiya, ami science theke HSC and SSC complete korchi.. CA admit hoite hole ki emn kono exam deya lagbe jei xm er jonno alada kore kichu pora lagbe?? or, science backgourd theke CA porte gele ki ki prblm face kora hote pare?? jodi janaten tahole age theke prepared hoite partam.

    1. Fees is paid at time time of student registration, at the time of admitting in 2nd and 3rd level, and at the time of exams. exams fee for first level is BDT 1300 per subject, for second level BDT 3000 and for final level BDT 5000. Student can go for jobs only after completing article-ship period. CA hostels are available but it contains limited seat. you have to contact with CA Chatro Porishodh (Student Forum) regarding CA hostel.

  89. sir I want to know some information about CA(CC). If I dont pass any theoritical part but my practical part is completed and then i get the CA(CC) title. Is there any demand of those who are not ACA but CA (CC) in job fields?

  90. If I won’t be able to get CA degree but i complete CC then will i be able to get any top class job??? And another question how much it ll take to get a membership in ICAB after becoming ACA

    1. Depends on how you define top class job. if you have CA(CC) along with part qualification you will be able to get a decent job. It takes only matter of time to become member of ICAB after becoming an ACA.

  91. via, ami Business studies background theke HSC complete korec.amar RU te MANAGEMENT a chance house.amar issa CA korer.but ami siddhanto nite parc na je akhonoi CA te join korbo naki aga BBA shesh korbo.Please via apner experience theke amake akta poramorsho den.

      1. via one more question,HSC er pore CA korle er demand ki BBA korer porer CA theke kom hobe?and income er khetre ki kono tartommo hobe???

  92. Vai ami vlo kono university taka bba korta pare ni but amar teaching profession vlo laga R teaching profession holo akta mohot profession tai vai ami teacher hota chay akjon qulified teacher hota chay

  93. sir, ami 2015 sale HSC diyece public chance pai ni tai kothao vorti hoi ni.abar JU te 2nd time diyece but abaro chance pai ni.akhon ami national e BBA korle valo hobe naki CA korle valo hobe. tachara ami public versityr lecturer hote cai & DU theke MBA korte cai.HSC ar pore CA korle ki MBA kora jabe?

    1. MBA academic degree. Eta korar age apnake graduation korte hobe. HSC er por CA korleo MBA korte parben na. karon CA academic degree na. Eta professional degree. Apni lecturer hote chaile age BBA koren. Then DU theke MBA koren. BBA er por chaise CA korte paren.

  94. Sir is there any pass marks in CA exams like in undergraduate level we need to score 40-50% out of 100? If there is no pass marks then how the students are sorted as fail/pass in CA exams?

  95. I have completed my Hon’s in statistics.If I want to admitted my self in CA how much time to be needed to complete my course or how long the course will be.. after admitted in CA have I any chance to continue any job beside CA.

  96. 10 months articleship complete korar por ke CA(CC) dei naki 3 years CA firm e thakle tarpor dei?
    Akhon o ke knowledge level ar application level er jonno 10 bar maximum exam dea jai?

  97. I have completed my M.S from science background. the articleship period about 3years, so before completed it can’t I do any job beside this?

  98. SSC- 4.81, HSC-5.00, BBA (Accounting); cgpa-3.25, National University……….Ami ki top 10 firms gulo ta ki Admission dita parbo??ba CV joma dila ki call pabo?? reply plz vai…

  99. I have a question to you what is that can you tell me about the C. A. circulation date within the year 2017?
    how much the capacity to enter into a C. A firm separately? Beside this, I want to ask a suggestion what need to do for me where now I will be meeting my 4th year hons exam at the date of 03/ 01 / 2017 as well as ending 02/02/2017? Now I am still disappointed because I don’t know how can I enter into C.A. But early of my life, I had a willingness to be a C. A. I am now awaiting your perfect and effective direction, Thanks.

    1. If you don’t want to be a CA, then don’t try to join in a CA firm. You will only be looser. If you are dedicated enough to be a Chartered Accountant, only then try for joining in a CA firm. You have to complete your graduation before joining in a CA firm as it is like a full time job.

  100. Sir, I am doing BBA ( major in Accounting & Finance) from North South University. Sir if I get good grades in my major courses like A Grade in my BBA will I get any excemption in the 1st level of CA courses? Or is there any ways to get excemption in the CA course?

    1. Hello Sir
      I am studying In a National Versity on (Hons) my Subject is Accounting and
      i’m Very Much willing To Study in CA
      My Question is
      Is There Really Important To Complete My (Hons) first..!
      But I’m willing To Get Admited now.””
      Thank You..!!

  101. Sir, I am doing BBA ( management) from national University. Sir, How can i admit in the CA course after completing my BBA degree?.

  102. Sir, I have completed my graduation in Economics from National University and obtained CGPA 3.10 out of 4.00
    S.S.C -GPA 3.19 (2007)
    H.S.C -GPA 3.30 (2009)
    Now I want to study in CA
    Can I ?

  103. I hope I will try this…..
    thank u 4 ur kind information.
    moral of the story English is important.
    do u think spoken will help me?
    or others courses? before apply or registration?

  104. I am from Bangladesh.i went to ca firm to get articleship.after an interview they selected me.i havent started my training yet.i want to cancel the articleship.what should i do?

  105. Sir, I have completed mastered degree in accounting ( national university Bangladesh 2002)and pgd in business management from London in 2011. Now I want to study CA. am I eligible to study CA or is there any age limited to study CA in Bangladesh?

  106. Sir,
    I’ve completed degree( under NU) with 3.64 in BBS.
    My previous results are SSC 4.38 and HSC 4.50. Am I eligible for CA?

  107. Via I have done Accounting Technician Qualification under ACCA,UK. Is there any possibility to do CA? If Yes, Could I any Exemption? I have done it after H.S.C

  108. Hallo sir,
    I am
    kumaresh sarker
    studying BBA 3rd year ACCOUNTING (NU)
    My questions.
    Firstly I complete my BBA/ or now I join CA admission
    Which batter for me?

  109. actually sir i need information.please suggest ssc Gpa; 4.31..but my hsc Gpa; i am studying in BBA.when i complete my graduation.can i addmitted CA pharm

  110. Hi, I am a married girl.
    I have 2 questions.

    1. If any CA student become pregnant while practice in a firm, does firm gives her leave for 4/5 month???? And Would she will allow to continue her practice again in firm????

    2. U mention here that practice may be for 2-4 year? How does it different for student? I mean how it vary??

    Plz help me to know this 2 questions answer, I am interested to join in a firm.

    1. Answer to your first question:
      Leave for 4/5 month depends on your firm. but you might be able to get the leave considering the physical condition.

      Answer for second question:
      Articled period varies depending on student level. For example, for HSC passed students, articled period is 4 years. for graduate students it’s 3 years and for students who already have a professional degree, will have 2 years of articled period.

  111. Sir,i have some questions..
    1) is it ok to start ca after hsc?
    2) will i get job if i complete the practicle training and the knowledge level?
    3)do the ca firms have a certain time of giving articleship?
    4)ca firms are ranked a grade,b grade.does the rank really matter?
    Hoping for sincere replies.thanks in advance.
    Md Shakib uddin

    SIR. iI have ssc 3.19
    hsc 4.20 2nd class.
    and mba 3.20. completed
    sir. now I want study in CA.pls details

  113. sir
    I am studying BBA in AIS ( Accounting & information system)
    I have 2.4 CGP, this is my last semester
    I have 4.06 GPA in SSC & 4.40 GPA in HSC
    can i study CA?

  114. Sir, I have completed my Bachelors of science in Electrical and electronic engineering. Am I applicable for CA? Thank you.

  115. Sir I’m completad ssc in mardrasha bord GAP.4.64 And HSC completad bord of Comilla GPA.3.30 (Commerce)but I’m stady pass course Final year in accounting.(Nu)
    Can I apply when complete my graduation? How costing and durations? please reply
    Thank you sir

  116. I am doing a job in a private company after completing Post Graduation. My office time is (9 am to 6 pm). can i study CA when i’m doing a job ? can i continue both job & CA program together ? hoping for replay .. thanx .

  117. Sir, I am an urdergraduate student I want to study CA after my bachelor. Can you please tell me the procedure to enroll myself in a CA firm. Is there any entry extraminations or do I need to compete with other applicants like other corporate jobs in order to enter a CA firm? Thank you sir

  118. Hello Sir, I have completed, SSC in 2007 with GPA-4.88 & HSC in 2009 with GPA-4.50 And then after long term study break i have admitted into BBS pass Degree course under National University this year in 2017 as an irregular student.
    After completing my Degree as an irregular student will i able to get admitted/registered into CA?
    Please confirm..

  119. My SSC,HSC background was science and I completed my graduation BSC(pass) in marine engineering under national university. Can I apply for CA???

  120. Sir, I am confused about attempts that are needed to pass the exams in Knowledge and Application Level. In the article it is written that students get 10 attempts to pass both Knowledge Level and Application Level. Say I have passed all the subjects of Knowledge Level in 3 attempts. Now do I have only 7 attempts left for passing Application Level? Say I couldn’t pass Application level with those 7 attempts then do I need to pass Knowledge Level again, because I couldn’t pass both levels at 10 attempts?

  121. Thanks for a good post on Chartered accountancy.

    Those who are interested in CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) can try for that because CFA is a US qualification and will less time than CA.

    Moreover; the future is for CFA.

  122. vaia ca pora jonno ssc, hsc, bba khoto pointa lgba plz plz bolban ki ami akhon bba korcie last year amr bbar ami ca porta chi plz plz

  123. Dear brother,
    First appreciating your replies. it is very helpful for us.
    i want to know about the annual fees of ICAB. i heard that, after CC yearly 1,500 up to 1st 10 attempts. After that, it is increasing slab wise. 3,000/4,000…… can you pls. ref. any standard for annual fees where mentioned clearly?

    thanks in advance
    Rana(pen name) Chittagong.

      1. Sorry for bothering you, but i need the information exactly to deposit yearly fee. if my estimates wrong and i deposit less may be ICAB will not issue admit card for me due to non fulfillment of yearly fee. then at the eleventh hour i will lost my attempts too. i am in a tense. pls. help…

        thanking you

  124. I want to know that, What kinds are do question, at time to join a A grade CA firm? I want a question pattern or Syllabus, so How can I find it? pls help me brother.really I confused and depressed for my upcoming exam.

  125. Ami 2002 sale SSC complete korci 2.75 result nya. Amiki CA porar joggo ba ekhon Porte parbo,AMR knojani khub Porte icce korce. Would you please let me Know.

    1. Ami 2002 sale SSC complete korci 2.75 result nya. Amiki CA porar joggo ba ekhon Porte parbo,AMR knojani khub Porte icce korce. Would you please let me Know.

  126. Dear brother, now I’m on the way to complete my graduation(final year running)..i’m so much interested to do ACA.what should I do for catch this dream….kindly suggest me…..

  127. Dear Redwanur Rahman

    I have been studying ACCA and I am going to finish skill level papers then i will go for professional paper but i am already 37 years old. Do you think age will be a problem for me to find a job in Bangladesh. And i want to go abroad for skill migration.

    I do extremely request you please response me about my queries.

    Thanking you in advance.
    Atique Chowdhury

    1. As you mentioned you are currently 37, I believe you already have some job experience. If you have professional degree along with job experience, it will not be difficult to find job. Don’t think about the age. I have seen people started CA at the age of 40. As for skill migration, you will be benefited if you can complete ACCA first. It will add value in you application. As for you age, you will get lower mark on Age criteria. That’s all. So Age will not be a restricting factor. I admire your passion for professional education. I wish you good luck.

  128. dear sir
    I have completed m com in national university (i.e dhakhil 4.75 alim 4.67 degree pass course in commerce 2nd class m com first class in accounting) so, can i able to adimit in A categarory firm?

  129. Dear sir,

    I have completed degree in national university .i got 2nd class in BBS.i had achived ssc 3.31 and hsc 2.67.plz tell me sir .will I get any change to admission in CA ?????.

    1. You result fulfills the requirement criteria. You can apply for CA. To study CA you have to apply for CA firm. Find a CA firm you locality. To attend your classes & exams you have to be at Dhaka or Chattagram. So it’s better to stay at Dhaka or Chattagram if you are planning to go for CA.

  130. এখানে কি CA এর চার বছরের খরচ এর কথা বলা আছে?নাকি ২য় বছর নতুন করে কোন খরচ লাগবে?আর চার বছরেই কি মোট ১৮ টা subject?

  131. hello, this is sahil. my question is that if I achieve my hsc certificate subject on humanity, I could be enroll in ca course???

    1. In July 2018 exam, 30 completed the final level, 50 Completed 2nd level and 150 completed 1st level. However, there are lots of partially passed students. Number of participants information is not available.

  132. I live in Chittagong & I have completed my M.B.A. in Finance in 2015 & now i’m working a construction firm. Now I’m willing to do C.A. course. Pls. inform me, how can i do that ? In which university/college/Institution i can join for CA course or where i can go for more information ?

  133. Assalamu Alaikum sir,A student who gain BBA degree in Accounting major, what kinds of advantage does he get? Please tell me sir.

  134. Does the CA firms on board students over 35 years of age having 12+ years of experience?
    How wise would it be to enroll at this stage?

  135. Hello bhaiya,
    First of all, Its really nice to see you helping people as we have no clear information about it..We are really grateful and thank you and wish you all the best..
    I’ve got 2 D’s in my A levels and I’ve recently finished my 1st semester in a private university in Bangladesh…I’m thinking about majoring in Accounting…All i want to know is…Will my average grades in my A levels stop me from doing CA? and if it doesn’t, and i complete my BBA, how long will it take for me to finish CA?

  136. right now i am a student of BBA 4 th year, i wish my final exam will start 3 or 4 month leter,….
    now i can join a firm…?

  137. Vaia. Ami S.S.C =4.06 and H.S.C =4.00 and B.S.S, = 2nd division. Humanaties devision thaka pora lakha koraci ami ki ca er jonno apply korta parbo.

  138. Hello Bhaiya..
    As quoted, attachment with any CA firm is a prerequisite to get registration from ICAB. Then how individuals in full time employment can approach for ICAB registration? Would appreciate your view on this.

  139. Hello via i have passed my hsc i want to complet CA. Some one told me, if you complete your graduation, that will be better for you.then you can complete this cours.this time what will i do? Isn’t it very tough to complete this cours? Is it fee very much to bear?

  140. Via i have MBA degree and also 5 years experience as Accountant.I couldn,t find good job , because i don,t have CA degree.I would like to take CA degree and how much it will cost to complete CC ? If you tell me information I would be really greatful to you.
    Sincerely yours,

    1. sir ,
      amar s.s.c 4.08 & H.S.C 4.80 .
      BBA Accounting 3.25.
      ami apply korta chai. apply kokhon thaka start hoy ?
      kindly bolban .
      thanks in advance .

  141. Assalamualikum,I am a student of Jashore University of Science & Technology Department of Accounting And Information Systems.(4th year ).I Want to know that how much CGPA will be beneficial to Admit into A Category firm.

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