One big mistake and fall of tigers….

India is the winner of very first match of ICC World Cup 2011. Though I don’t want to acknowledge it but still this is the fact. But I have no regret for supporting Bangladesh team. They played very well. And I’m very proud for them.

It was very painful for Bangladesh team supporters to watch how Indian innings started. Sehwag and Tendulkar gaving an amzing start for India. They were creating a pressure on Bangladesh from the start. Fortunately Tendulkar was run-out by Shakib Al Hasan and which brought back hope for the tigers‘ supporters. But Sehwag survived to make sure the pressure keeps building. He playing a great innings of 175 runs. I’ll give more credit to Bangladeshi bowlers  than Sehwag. Because balling of Bangladeshi bowlers wasn’t up to the mark. None of the pacers could ball following the line and length. This is the point when I started missing Mashrafi. Also fielding was very poor. Sakib couldn’t arrange fielders in right way. As a result India scored 370 which have shaken Bangladesh team’s confidence.

Tigers had a perfect start too. They scored 51 runs just in 5 overs. Thanks to Imrul Kayes for the quick runs. But soon he had to leave the field. His out was a misfortune. After Kayes left, run rate for tigers became bit slow. After 15 overs Bangladesh scored 95 runs. And after the 50 overs, Bangladesh scored 283 runs for 9 wickets. It was a very good innings for Bangladesh. But there was only one problem. Tigers could not use the batting power play properly. They lost 3 wickets for 30 runs. Instead of collecting runs Bangladesh lost few wickets. Other than this 283/9 is a very good fighting score.

There is only one mistake, as I see,  which is the reason for tigers’ downfall. And that is “choosing to field first after winning the toss“. I don’t know why Shakib or Bangladesh team took this decision but it sure was suicidal. W G Grace once said, “When u win the toss then Bat, if in doubt, Think, then Bat, if in more doubt, consult a team-mate, then Bat”. I’m sure Bangladesh Team forgot that. Beside I don’t see any logic for choosing fielding first. At the middle of day there is no dew reason to think about. I think Bangladesh team didn’t consider that batting in floodlight is more difficult than batting in daylight. Also Mirpur Stadium was a batting pitch. So there is no point in fielding first.

If, only if, Shakib and authorities had chosen to bat first, result could be other way around. If Bangladesh could score the same 283/9  in the first innings, they could create pressure on India. Also they could take the advantage of floodlight. And ultimately tigers could start the world cup with a win. But any kind of analysis is now worthless. What happened is already happened. There is no way to change it. But this learning should guide the tigers to future decisions.

Finally I want to congratulate tigers for the match.Specially Tamim Iqbal, Shakib Al Hasan, Rakibul Islam, Mahmudullah for keeping their head cool. Tigers played really well. I hope they will continue this performance in the next matches. And they will win all the matches and make us proud.


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