Who else to Blame? [fun post]

Because of the shameful and poor performance, Bangladesh is out of the ICC World Cup 2011. Even after winning 3 of the 6 matches and having equal 6 points same as West Indies, Bangladesh could not make to the next round. Now question is who are responsible for this incidents and whom can we blame. Most of the people we will answer that members of Bangladesh team are responsible and so is the management. We all know more or less about the wrong decisions of the team management. They will be the first one to be blamed. To show my support for the national team and to enlarge the area of blaming, I took the liberty to find other parties whom can we blame. So let see who else should be blamed….

1) England:

You may ask why England should be blamed. Answer is simple. Cricket was originated from England. If England didn’t make this game, we couldn’t play it and hence we couldn’t do so badly.

2) ICC:

ICC should be blamed. Because if ICC didn’t organize the World Cup tournament, we wouldn’t play World Cup. And so we didn’t have to see those embarrassing scores.

3) Again ICC:

You already know we needed 4 wins but we had 3 wins. And these 3 wins are against Ireland, England, Netherlands. And we lost against India, West Indies, South Africa.  So you see we can only beat the “……Land”s. If there were any other ‘….land’ in Group B, we could have beat that team and make it to the second round. For your Information, only other cricket playing ‘….land’ is New Zealand and that was in Group A. If and only if, New Zealand was in group B, we sure would beat them. So it was totally ICC’s fault because they didn’t put New Zealand in Group B. It would look nice if all “….land”s were in same group. 😛

4) West Indies:

This team has beaten us. but they couldn’t beat England. West Indies made us to collapse but they couldn’t do it to England. Instead they were collapsed at the end. So West Indies should be blamed.

5) Nature

Nature is the biggest culprit . Japan was hit by massive Tsunami & Earthquake. I certainly hope that it will never happen to Bangladesh. But at least there could be some rain. Even there was rain in our neighbor country India. If there were some rain in WI & SA match, those match could have been given up and points could be distributed equally. Hence we could make it to the next round. But alas….:(

Anyway I could have found some more parties to blame but I think it’s time for some serious talk. No one in the world is responsible for someone else’s actions. Every people are responsible for his action and hence he is to be blamed.



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