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It has been a while since I have posted. I try to write but don’t get enough time. Although it’s my century old excuse but in reality I have become lazy. I always had plan to write reviews on movies, books, foods & place. If you go to the menu of my site, you will find that I have different categories of reviews in the menu. Although I had plan, it never was executed. Well not entirely true. I have written some reviews on on several tourist destinations.  Anyway, let’s go to today’s topic.

If you live in Bangladesh, you might have heard the name of Foodbank. Foodbank is a facebook group initially started to share the news of new/ famous / traditional food of Bangladesh. People share their experiences of foods and environment of different restaurants. People posts authentic reviews in the group which in turn helps to publicize the business. So with no time the group became important to the restaurant owners as well as the food lovers.

Yesterday ( 14th May 2017) morning, I came across a post on Facebook. The post was made by a newly opened small restaurant owner against one of the admin of the Foodbank. The allegation was that the Facebook group admin demanded some money from the restaurant owner. If money is paid, group admin will allow only positive reviews regarding the restaurant. However, if the money is not paid, group admin will not allow any kind of post related to the restaurant. The restaurant owner wanted to negotiate with the group admin and it went wrong. So the restaurant owner posted the screenshots of the chat history in Facebook. But later, the Facebook group owner posted in his Foodbank group denying all the allegations. According to his Facebook post. someone opened a fake Facebook account and pretended to be the foodbank facebook group admin.

I’m not shure whether they are wright or wrong. But what I felt is that general reviews in certain facebook groups might be biased. It is possible for the big businessmen to pay money to small group of people to write positive reviews.

I eat at restaurants more often. I have been to most of the prominent restaurants in Dhaka and experienced food from those restaurants. I also have dining experience in small or medium restaurants. I have been fortunate enough to try different kinds of foods from different parts of the country. So I was thinking that I should start sharing my experience with others. I can be a professional reviewer. People can invite me to visit their restaurants and to taste their foods. In turn I shall write my experiences in form of reviews.

So I have decided to write reviews on the experiences I already had. I would also write review about the books I have read or will read, Movies that I have seen or will see and places I have been or will go in future. I will become a reviewer!

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