Testing Kebab Rice in Baba Rafi

I’m not a professional reviewer. I write unbiased reviews based on personal dining experiences in different restaurants. My dining experience might be different from others. My reviews do not cover the overall review of a restaurent but for particular food items. So my reviews should not be takes as final review of a restaurant or any food items. Reviews rates Taste, Price range, restaurant environment from 0 to 10 where 0 indicates lowest point and 10 indicates the highest point.


It was almost 7 pm in the evening when I set out from office after working late. I had my colleague with me. We were returning home but we were feeling hungry. So we hit the Gulshan Outlet of Baba Rafi.

Baba Rafi claims to be the largest Kebab chain in the world operating in 9 different countries through 1200 outlets. This Gulshan outlet of Baba Rafi was opened couple of month earlier. But it is located in just opposite of my office, I never visited this outlet. Here I should mention that I heard the name of Baba Rafi long ago but never visited any of its outlets or tasted any of its foods.

Food items:

So my colleague and I went to Baba Rafi Gulshan outlet with expectation to taste some Kebabs. We were expecting different kinds of Kebabs menus. But when we entered in the restaurant, we were little bit dissatisfied. The outlet only serves fast foods. They serve kebab in the burgers. They alBR2so have some other items which have kebab as ingredient.

We were pretty hungry. Burgers were not enough to meeting our hunger. We needed a rice items to meet our hunger. We saw that Baba Rafi serves Kebab Rice which contains significant portions of Kebabs. So we ordered for two Kebab Rice. We also ordered for two large French fries and soft drinks.


We got our foods in 20 minutes. BR3We were so much hungry that we didn’t delay a bit. However, food was not that much tasty. Kebab rice was, just as the name suggests, some rice and kebab slices made from process meat. There were also some Salad. As the kebab were made from process meats, it was not that much tasty compared to the kebabs made directly from raw meats. Also the kebab slices were bit dry. I was expecting that the kebabs would be little bit gravy and chilly. The French fries were not that much tasty. But we were hungry enough to complete the whole foods
Taste rating: 4 out of 10. 

Price range:

Kebab rice box was priced as BDT 130/ box. And the French fries were priced as BDT 70/ packet. However, soft drinks and drinking waters were priced at regular retailed price. VAT was also charged.
Rating value for money : 4 out of 10. 


The outlet is a small one but have nice sitting arrangement. Around 20 persons can take foods at a time. The outlets are well decorated and shown different business information of Baba Rafi. Waiters/ servers are friendly enough.
Rating : 6 out of 10. 

Overall experience:

Taste of Kebab rice in Baba Rafi was not tasty enough. We could not find the real taste of Kebab. If you want some burgers with Kebab, than Baba Rafi might be good enough for you. But if you are looking for the taste of real kebab and only kebab, than you should go to somewhere else.

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