I am #AuditorProud

Today is 5th #AuditorProud Day which is celebrated on September 26 every year. The practice of auditing the accounts of public institutions existed in ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. Although the practice existed for thousands of years. The practice evolved during the Industrial Revolution. Auditing become a full-fledged profession when the world’s first professional body of accountants were formed in Scotland during 1854. Ever since the profession has been expanding across the world and kept evolving.

Audit profession has been directly contributing in advancement of society. It not only helps the business but also to the investors, creditors, regulators, government and the members of the society. Because of the audit profession Investors can trust the management reports, Creditors can make informed decision before lending money, regulators get a basis for monitoring the organizations.

Although sometimes misunderstood by many, Auditing is a profession that exist to add value to the organizations. It helps management by bringing insights from outside of the business. It helps management to have a better control over their business operation.

It has been almost 8 years since I have joined in this profession. Since then, I have taken part in more than 500 audit engagements. I have visited many districts of Bangladesh for the purpose of Audit. Since joining the profession, I have been auditing many local and international organizations including companies, branch offices, liaison offices, NGOs, Universities and working closely with management of these organizations. I have witnessed how organizations achieved growth by overcoming the challenges with suggestion from us as auditor.

As an auditor I have met corporate leaders, build positive connections with them and strengthen my personal network. I have met many nice people with visions to change for better. I have seen people working for the betterment of the country.

Millions of auditors are working very hard across the world with high ethical standards to make the world better. On this occasion of Auditor Proud Day, I am expressing my appreciations to all the members of audit profession. I feel really proud to be a professional accountant and to be a part of Auditing profession. I am #AuditorProud!

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