Flashback 2019: Year of busyness

As the year 2019 passed, A new year has started with new promises and with new possibilities. Meanwhile I’m still stuck in competing pending tasks from 2019. I going back to year 2019 repeatedly to complete the pending tasks. As I look back to year 2019, I can recall the things I have done or things happened to me. I think it is high time to do the year end evaluation of myself like I did in past years.

I started the year 2019 with expectation to achieve 6 resolutions which were either pending or continued from prior years. I also prepared 8 more resolutions for the year 2019. With these 16 resolutions in mind, I started the year. But to be honest, I was not able to followup the resolutions throughout the year.

1. Complete all degree requirements of ICMAB by June 2019 Exam.
I passed CMA Examinations in December 2018. Result was published in January 2019. All I needed to become member of ICMAB was to complete my internship and submit the report. I had a pressure to complete the requirement by April 2019. With extreme work  pressure it was hard for me to complete the requirement by April. It took my around May to complete the requirement. To fulfill the requirement, I did a research on ‘Measuring awareness of management responsibilities over financial reporting in Bangladesh‘. You can read it here.

2. Complete reading all unread books from 2016, 2017 & 2018.
In 2016 to 2018 I have purchased many books but I couldn’t finish all of them. So I took a vow to finish all of them. In 2019 I tried to maintain habit of reading books. In 2019 I have read several books of Sir Henry Rider Haggard like Nada the Lily, King Solomon’s Mines, The Ghost Kings, The Wanderer’s Necklace and many others. I also read Half Girlfriend and One Indian Girl by Chetan Bhagat. I have read some other books with I have can’t recall at this point. I should make a list of it.

3. Try to be a practicing Muslim and recite Holy Quran regularly.
I planned to recite holy quran regular basis but unfortunately I failed miserably on this point.

4. Join in a gym and reduce weight by 10 KG.
I planned to be health conscious. I had intention to join a Gym and loose 10 KG weight. Although I got admission in gym but I didn’t continue. In fact i didn’t show up since the day of admission. Wasted some money on Gym admission. 🙁 I failed to manage time for Gym.

5. Spend more time in professional network development.
In 2019 I wanted to expand and strengthen my professional network. So I tried to get involved with ICAB and ICMAB more often. I joined in ‘Member Issues, Services and Welfare Committee’ of ICAB where I have made new connections. Furthermore I became member of ICMAB in April 2019 which helped me to expand my professional network.

6. Publish at least 2 articles to any professional newsletter or journals.
Although I planned to become more regular on writing and publish at least 2 articles. Unfortunately I have not written or published any articles. However, I performed a research on ‘Measuring awareness of management responsibilities over financial reporting in Bangladesh‘ but it has not been published anywhere.

7. Make some new investments.
No new investment was made during the year. But I improved financial management.

8. Reduce work pressure by designing work plan round the year.
Took several initiative but couldn’t reduce the work pressure. But it is long term plan which will eventually lead to reduction of work pressure. I’m still hopeful.

9. Pay off most of the liabilities.
I couldn’t pay off most of the liabilities but reduced it significantly.

10. Learn something new.
I taken a 10 hour course in Udemy to learn Power BI. I have successfully completed it and now know how to use Power BI.

11. Visit some place new. Travel at least 3 districts within Bangladesh and 1 foreign country.
2019 was very busy year. I couldn’t make time to travel within Bangladesh let alone outside Bangladesh. Although I had opportunity to Visit India at December but unfortunately I couldn’t make it.

12. Write at least one blog every week.
It didn’t happen at all. Wrote total of 5 blogs in total. Very bad performance.

13. Spend more time with family & relatives.
Yes, this is something I really focused. I have visited some my relatives and occasionally met with my friends. However, could have been more frequent.

14. Become member of CIMA, ICAEW & ICMAB.
Although I have qualified from CIMA, ICAEW before 2019, I did not took membership of those two accounting bodies. So I was determined to do it in 2019. Furthermore, I didn’t know whether I would pass ICMAB within 2019 but I made it my target. So yes, I became member of ICMAB in April 2019 and member of ICAEW in December 2019. I took some initiative to become member of CIMA as well but unfortunately it is still pending.


Year in review:
In nutshell, the year was full of busyness. It was a hectic year but I was able to pull it together. Best part was at the end of the year when I had a family reunion. All my cousins flew to Bangladesh and we all had a big get together. It was fun to see all of the them. I also celebrated my second Marriage anniversary. But then a mishap happened. My wife suddenly got sick and it went to worst condition in just couple of hours. She was taken to hospital and had to undergo a major surgery on emergency basis. I took 7 bags of blood to perform her surgery. It was so shocking for us. We almost lost her. But Almighty Allah was merciful enough to return her amount us. My wife is still recovering. Please pray for her.

In summary of the year I can say that I have achieved most of the resolution and the year was success. But it was full of busyness.

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